Spouse Visa Canada Consultant in Chandigarh

Spouse Visa Canada Consultant in Chandigarh




Canada is a prosperous and developed country inviting international students to earn education in its kindred environment. The number of universities and colleges offering lucrative courses and opportunities to international students are ample. To top it up the promising options of Canadian scholarships has resulted in a huge Indian talent finding their way through Canada study abroad programs. Now with an applicant applying for a study visa there is a golden opportunity to bring your spouse along with you to Canada.


Yes you heard it right! The friendly country also allows spouse of the students to come and stay in Canada for the same duration as of studying partner’s course. There are a set of documents and procedures that are to be fulfilled for attaining spouse visa. One need to execute the visa filling task in a very conscious manner as missing out on tiniest of details can cause a visa refusal. Here is all you need to aid your spouse visa process through this interesting read by best spouse visa Canada consultant in Chandigarh.



What is a spouse visa Canada/Partner work permit?


  1. In case you are an international student full time or planning to be one with a valid study permit then your spouse or common-law partner can apply for an open work permit.
  2. Having an open work permit would allow your spouse or common –law partner to work on and off campus full time while you are studying. This can help you in eventually having a quality life and meanwhile having the support of your spouse.
  3. For this you need to fulfill certain requirements and complete documentation process for the spouse application.
  4. It is always wise to consult a seasoned and experienced Spouse visa Canada consultant for ensuring with any loop hole the application is processed smoothly.



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What are the benefits of spouse visa Canada?


There are a number of benefits of your spouse visa Canada application and permit:


  1. You get eligible to work in Canada.
  2. It has same duration as that of your Spouse’s Visa.
  3. You get a global exposure and get to work with top companies in the world.
  4. This can add on to your bio data and help you in successful career pathway.


When is the right time to apply for spouse visa Canada?



  1. It is advised that your spouse/partner visa application be applied at the same time as study permits application of the primary applicant as it can save you both time and money.
  2. However, your partner can apply before/after they arrive in Canada for which the process is entirely different.
  3. Your spouse visa Canada consultant is your best spokesperson and guide who can assist you in resolving your queries for spouse visa.


What are the documents required to satisfy the spouse visa Canada requirement?



Following documents are required to apply for spouse visa Canada:


  1. Spouse visa copy
  2. Relationship proof
  3. Invitation letters
  4. Enrolment letter
  5. Funds to support your stay

There are many things which you’ve to keep in mind while applying for Canadian Partner Visa or Dependent Visa. The success of your visa getting approved totally depends upon fulfilling the conditions which are mentioned in the policy to meet the eligibility requirements for this visa. To know these conditions, it is recommended to consult a counselor having thorough and accurate knowledge of the policy. We recommend you to consult a counselor who is equipped with the knowledge of Canadian Partner Visa and has experience.


Important points to be considered before you apply for Spouse visa Canada


  1. You should make aware research about the immigration consultant before handling your spouse visa case to the consultant. As there is a proper procedure that has to be followed carefully and only an experienced and expert professional consultant can handle spouse visa Canada case.


  1. According to Canadian Immigration policy, the meaning of ‘family’ encompasses spouse, dependent children, and common law partner. For family or spouse visa, you can apply as visitor or work visa for spouse.


  1. Under Visitor Visa for family, the family members can utilize the option of applying for Temporary Visitor Visa and can either apply at the same time as student or at a later date.


  1. Under applying together, you can fill out single application form for all the family members who want to accompany you.


  1. If you apply under different categories, then you should submit individual forms and additional fee per submission.


  1. For a minor child, there is no requirement to acquire student visa if both parents have study or work permit in Canada.


  1. There is also a provision for visa period extension.


  1. Talking about work permit for spouses, the international students in full-time program can support work permit for spouse in open work permit category.


  1. They can work till the completion of studies of international students and that too with any employer and in any field.


  1. Apart from these, there are various other requirements that have to be taken care off to apply for a visa adequate to the case of the person. So, it is advisable to apply through an immigration consultant who bears full-fledge knowledge of the study in Canada and immigration scenario.



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