Statement of purpose for Canada study visa 2022

There are many steps one needs to follow for Canada study visa. At each step there is a lot of documentation requirement. Students need to be very careful with the documents required for Canada student visa.

One of the very important documents which must accompany your study in Canada visa application is statement of purpose. This is called as letter of explanation in Canada.

This letter of explanation is very important for your Canada study visa application. It helps you convey your study goals to the case officer assessing your Canada student visa application. So the applicants must prepare this statement of purpose very carefully.

What is statement of purpose for Study in Canada?

Statement of purpose as the name suggests is the letter where you state your purpose. Your purpose is to study in Canada and hence your letter of explanation must be about your Study in Canada.

What should be included in statement of purpose for Canada study visa?

In your letter you may include the following

  • Your current academic qualification
  • Any work experience you may have
  • The course you wish to study in Canada
  • Your English language ability to complete the course successfully
  • Why have to chosen that particular course?
  • How is that course relevant to your study?
  • How the course is a logical progression of your study?
  • Which university or college you wish to study in Canada?
  • Why did you choose that particular university or college?
  • What are the career outcomes you expect to have after completion of the course?
  • How would you be financing your studies?
  • What are the family ties you have in your home country?
  • Your responsibilities as a Canada study visa holder

Above are few of the points which you may mention in your statement of purpose for Canada study visa 2022.

How can I draft an excellent letter of explanation for my Canada student visa?

As explained above Statement of purpose is an excellent way to convey your study goals to the case officer. Proper course selection is very important to write an effective statement of purpose for Study in Canada 2022.

What is proper course selection for Study in Canada?

The success of your Canada study visa application largely depends on proper course selection. There are of course other factors also like your English language ability, your academic standing, and any unexplained gaps in your profile and many other factors. If all these factors are ok but you do not choose a proper course than despite maximum positive points in your application your study in Canada application may be refused.

A proper course is a study program in Canada which is a logical extension of your current academic qualification and any work experience you may hold.

How can international students choose proper course?

Students need to have information about the education system in Canada. They need to know about the different types of courses and at what they are at Canadian education system. They need to know about colleges and universities offering the courses. They need to know about the different education providers in Canada like- Universities, Public community colleges, private training colleges. For this you may require the services of an experienced and expert Canada study visa consultant who can give you different options suiting your academic profile and family budget for your study in Canada. West Highlander is one of the best Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh. They have till date helped hundreds of students who have successfully completed their courses in Canada.

Examples of relevant course

Example 1

Student profile

12th pass out with commerce without Mathematics

Suitable course 2 years diploma tourism or hospitality management

3 year advanced diploma in tourism or hospitality

4 years Bachelors degree in tourism or hospitality

Example 2

Student profile

Commerce graduate without experience

Suitable course 1 year Graduate certificate in accounting

1 year graduate certificate in management

1 year graduate certificate in marketing

Example 3

Student profile

Arts graduate with 5 years of management experience

Suitable course

2 years MBA

1 Year post graduate certificate in business management

Above are few if the examples. Every case is unique and there are number of factors which are to be considered before deciding a suitable course for your study in Canada. Contact experienced study in Canada consultant in Chandigarh for free profile assessment.