Study direct scheme (SDS): Canada influences overseas students to get admission its institutions

In order to attract overseas students to take admission in the University of Canada, it has launched a new program– study direct Stream (SDS).   The new policy has already implemented from 1 Feb 2018 to enhance the speed of visa procedures for full time courses in the universities and colleges of Canada.

The program is support by the Scotia bank which is assisting in purchasing the (GIC Guaranteed investment Certificate) to meet the financial statements required for the SDS program.

Under this program, students have to score 6 each in all components of IELTS otherwise they won’t be able to apply for the study visa under Student Direct SDS Scheme Canada. They can still apply under regular study permit scheme. The rules are already implemented.   With these new SDS rules the Indian students have great opportunity to study in Canada.

Student applicants from India may now avail of the streamlined process for the study/visa/ study permit application under SDS scheme.


Offer of a place from designated Learning Institute

IELTS test score with a minimum band of 6 or higher for each component – reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Gain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC of $10000 from a participating Canadian financial institution,.

You need to pay your first year tuition fee upfront

You need to undergo a medical examination prior submitting the application

Guaranteed Investment Certificate:

Student needs to submit evidence of Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a participating Canadian Financial Institution (Scotia bank) following Study Direct Stream’s rules

The Scotia bank statement GIC program facilitates you to fulfil the requirements of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada guidelines.

Processing Time

The processing time for Canada student visa applications under Student Direct Stream (SDS Scheme) is 45 days for Indian Applicants.

How to Avail SDS Scheme

The Government of Canada by implementing the student Direct Stream for Indian students wishing to study in Canada have opened the doors to come to Canada to study. Your Study Abroad consultant for Canada must prepare your application carefully. The admission process is very crucial for visa to be successful under SDS Scheme. The SDS Scheme refers to the visa documentation of the visa file not the admission process. It mentions that the student must be enrolled in a designated learning institute. Enrolling in a DLI institute in isolation does not mean that you would be getting your Canada study visa application successful. You need to enrol in a relevant course that shows your study and career progression clearly.

Why West Highlander

At West Highlander we ensure that the students are guided properly keeping in view their past study, any work experience and the level of the study they have already completed. All this is mandatory  for positive outcome of your Canada study visa application under Student Direct stream. On the top of it all  our services to the students aspiring to study in Canada are free.