Study Options for International Students in Montreal, Canada

A study destination for thousands of students around the world, Canada is withholding thousands of sky-high dreams that are waiting to be fulfilled. Canada has created such reputation over years and not just overnight. Today, Canada has best institutions of the world with state of the art facilities; these institutions attract students from developed countries like the USA, UK even. Talking about the regional divisions; Montreal is one highly regarded Ville that offers chief educational institutions for international students to study in Canada.

Montreal is the second largest economy of Canada and the best city in the world as per the QS World University Rankings to study at a university. The various industries centered in the city include commerce, technology, finance, transport, pharmaceuticals, design, art, technology, culture, education, tourism, fashion, film, gaming, foreign affairs and aerospace. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city after Paris in the world.

Let us know about the international level institutions in Montreal –

  • LaSalle College Montreal – The College offers best educational facilities, a unique and inclusive environment and challenges that prepare students for the future. Of the total students at the institution, one-third students belong to far corners of the world. The college offers 60 programs in its modern setting; these include Diploma in Accounting and Management Technology, Diploma in Computer Science- Network Management, Diploma in Creative Arts, Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Diploma in Fashion Marketing, Diploma in Professional Cooking, etc. The students can opt for internships to gain an understanding of the actual environment. For students planning to study abroad, the college provides a good option.
  • Concordia College – The College provides for award winning professors, small size classroom setting, innovative study programs and reasonably priced education. The courses provided include accounting, anthropology, administration, arts and science, biology, biophysics, business technology management, etc.
  • Matrix College – It is a private college offering certificate, diploma, undergraduate and graduate level courses. The diverse fields of specialisation include arts, fashion and design, business and management, engineering and technology, hospitality and hotel management, etc.
  • Universal College – The institution offers university level infrastructure, tailored study programs, competitions to let students enjoy a stimulating life and various other facilities. The college offers exciting programs to study.
  • McGill University – The top notch university holds a ranking in the world. The university is renowned for its world class educational facilities and research oriented faculty. The students of the university are prompted to be creative, innovation and competitive. They are taught to be job providers and not job seekers. The institution provides for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level degrees. Various fields of study include agricultural economics, anatomy and cell biology, architecture, bio resource engineering, biotechnology, computer science, MBA, physiology, etc. To study in Canada, the university is an admirable option but the admission requirements are also cumbersome and only a student of high intellect can get an admission here.
  • Polytechnic Montreal – The polytechnic institution promotes research and innovation among students. The study programs at the institution include Master in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, diploma in sustainable development, diploma in strategic ecodesign, bachelor of aerospace engineering, civil engineering and so forth. The institution is research oriented and offers doctoral level degrees as well.

Having learnt about the institutions and courses to study in Montreal, now you can decide upon your future course to study in Canada in Montreal region. The region is an education and commerce hub; students can opt for internships here and gain desired experience. The city has a standard lifestyle which will help international students enhance their personality traits. If you are planning to study in Canada or any other study abroad destination, contact West Highlander Career Consultancy, an expert consultancy firm offering honest and transparent services to study abroad aspirants.