Study in Australia after 12th non medical

Australia is one of the favourite study abroad destinations among international students. Students prefer to study in Australia as it has got number of advantages for international students. Below are some of the benefits which international students may avail if they get Australia student visa

  • Study in one of the student friendly developed and English speaking country
  • Part time work opportunities during study in Australia
  • Full time work during vacations
  • Dependent spouse can apply along with the main Australia student visa applicant
  • Post study work visa options after completion of study in Australia
  • Second post study work visa if study in regional area
  • Settlement opportunities after completion of study

Above are some of the benefits if you choose Australia as your study abroad destination.

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The first step in Australia study visa process is to finalize the course you would like to do in Australia.

Choosing a course mainly depends on 2 factors

  • Your current academic background
  • Your family budget

The first factor plays a significant role in selection of the program you wish to do in Australia. Your proposed course must be a logical progression of your current study history and any work experience you may hold. Students need to justify their course selection which is one of the very important criteria of GTE. If you would like your visa to be successful it is compulsory that you meet GTE criteria.

If you are a student with non medical background then you may choose to do a program in

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Business information Systems
  • Architecture and construction
  • Applied and pure sciences

Above are the fields which show relevant and logical progression of your study in Australia after 12th in non medical.

Another factor in selecting the course is your family budget. It also plays a very important role. For this the students must be clear about the course levels and the duration so that they can make an informed decision. Students may contact best Australia study visa consultant to know more about this.  Students may choose to do a

  • Diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Bachelor’s honours degree

Diplomas are of generally 2 years duration. These are very budget friendly as the yearly tuition fee is also affordable and the duration is also less that is of 2 years. Here the students must keep in mind that if they are looking for longer duration of Post study work visa 485 for Australia then they must consider Bachelors degree.

Bachelor’s degree may be of 3 years or 4 years. Engineering Bachelors program is of 4 years. If you choose to do an Engineering program then you need to have family budget to pay for tuition fee for 4 years as well as cost of living for 4 Years.

Course like Bachelors in information technology are 3 years in duration so you need to have a family budget to pay for 3 years of tuition and 3 years of cost of living.

If you choose to do a Bachelors program over diploma program then you may avail the second post study work visa of up to 2 years which is a big attraction among international students.

First post study work visa 485 for Australia after Bachelors degree

As per the policy on successful completion of the course in Australia students may get a PSW visa of 2 years.

If the study location is a regional area that is you have lived and studies in a regional area international students may qualify for second post study work visa of up to 2 years.

To sum up if you pay more for a bachelors program you also get attractive PSW options which may lead to Australia PR after study.