Study in Germany checklist & documentation.

Study in Germany is emerging as a preferred study abroad destination among Indian students.
Germany is a great place to study with its attractive Post Study Work opportunities and settlement options once you successfully complete your Study in Germany. With your Germany Student visa application make sure that your visa consultant includes the documents as per the following checklist with your Student visa application.

  • Offer Letter
  • Proof of Payment made to the University
  • Funds to Support your cost of living
  • Academic Transcript
  • Proof of Language- English or German
  • Cover letter
  • Travel health insurance
  • Correctly and completely filled visa application form
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photographs

How much funds are required for Cost of Living?
You need to have Euros 720 per month to support yourself for first year of your stay in Germany. So you need to have access to Euros 8640.
How do I show these funds?
One of the preferred methods is to open a blocked account and deposit Euros 8640 in it.
What documents are required as a proof of language?
If you choose to study in English you need to attach your IELTS score card and for German language test which shows your proficiency to do the proposed course in German language.
What should I include in my cover letter?
Cover letter also known as statement of purpose is very important document supporting your Study in Germany visa application. As the name suggests state your purpose here and your purpose is to study in Germany. Mention in the cover letter why have you chosen Germany as a study destination, why have to chosen the particular course.
How would West Highlander assist me with my Germany Student visa application?
West Highlander is a Study Abroad consultancy having 13 years of experience, expertise and licenses from adequate authorities. We have a committed team of professionals who are well-versed with the Germany student visa procedure. We provide unbiased guidance and transparency in action. We are one of the best Germany study visa consultants in Chandigarh. We assist you with in choosing the right course, Admission in the University, opening of the blocked accounts, preparing covering letters, preparing and lodging visa file, making appointments for via interviews.