Study in Germany consultants in Chandigarh

Germany has been considered a higher education paradise for international students. With numerous courses, globally ranked universities, internationally recognized degrees and high employability thousands of students choose to study in Germany. The benefits do not end here! Germany is one such country which believes in ensuring education and knowledge are available to all and free education in Germany is a lucrative option. International students who are looking for rich cultural history, combined with vibrant culture and dynamic lifestyle with opportunities to earn while studying, the answer is study in Germany. For every country immigration policies are different and technical for which consulting a Study in Germany consultants in Chandigarh, West Highlander could be beneficial. With expert counseling, licensed and authorized services and years of experience can account for efficient and timely results.

Study in Germany

Study in Germany brings with it benefit of high quality educational system which can help in advancing career, learn about new cultural, dynamic environment and culturally rich surrounding. There is plethora of universities in Germany offering free education or education at a very low fee tuition programs for international students. Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Business and many more programs are available for international students to pursue. Combining high quality education with the cultural exposure is one of the reasons for international students to consider study in Germany. As per the official statistics there are 357,000 students enrolled in universities in Germany. Thousands of scholars every year consider Germany as their study destination for the wide variety of programs, faculties, state of the art facilities and knowledge hub with practical exposure. With all these factors when you are considering study in Germany why not consult the experts, Study in Germany Consultants in Chandigarh, West Highlander.

Requirements for study in Germany

For studying in Germany Indian students need to meet certain requirements:

Now in case you are planning to enroll for a bachelors program:

  1. Firstly, students must meet the educational qualifications (10th, 12th mark sheet) (NEET score is required if opting for MBBS)
  2. Transcript of Grades and academic records
  3. Proof of Language Proficiency (German/English)
  4. Valid Passport Copies
  5. Letter of Motivation (Optional)
  6. Blocked Account

Now in case you are planning to enroll for a Masters program:

  1. A Recognized Bachelor Degree with good academic score
  2. Transcript of Grades and Marksheets
  3. Proof of Language Proficiency (German/English)
  4. Motivation Letter
  5. Important References/ Letter of Recommendation
  6. Work Experiences (if any)
  7. Blocked Account

Your Study in Germany Consultant can assist you in selecting the right course, program, university and entire assistance required for visa application process.

West Highlander: Study in Germany Consultants in Chandigarh

  1. At West Highlander we make certain that the student is guided keeping in view their choice, profile and background.
  2. We assist them to choose the courses that match best with their career aspirations.
  3. Over years our application success rate has been one of the highest. Our success rate rests on our highly personalized approach towards our clients.
  4. Our several association and networks with partner colleges and universities makes us the best spokesperson on the quality education you would be receiving.
  5. We have in depth discussions with our clients and guide them with their questions to suggest them with the solutions best suited to their profiles. We have very healthy and open discussions with them regarding their career pathways, their background.
  6. West Highlander is the best study in Germany consultants in Chandigarh.
  7. We provide free profile assessment and make sure you are satisfied for your Germany study abroad program.