Visa Interview

Things to Take Care of After Visa Interview

Visa Interview

Why taking care of several things is necessary after Visa interview?

After you have appeared for the visa interview, there are a couple of things that you need to take care of to have a trouble free journey. West Highlander has years of experience in the field and have been providing high quality services to the clients. The team of West Highlander have compiled several things that you need to take care after of you have appeared for the visa interview.

Checklist of Things After a Visa Interview

  • Check for correct visa information:- After you have received your visa, you can check if the information printed on it is correct and accurate.   You should always give your current photograph and your date of birth should be correct. The expiry date and date of issue must be issued correctly.  When you are applying for visa, you should know what the type of your visa is, either it is B1, B2 or H1.
  • Travel information: –   Travelling before the expiry date mentioned on your visa is allowed. If the duration of the visa is short say for 3 or 6 months, and you start your travel date after some time, then clearly it does not mean that you can avail the time frame given on the visa.
  •  Buy tickets wisely: – Once your travel dates have been confirmed, you can talk to a travel agent to help you buy your tickets.  While you are shopping for tickets, shop smartly. You can check the ticket rates with several travel agents.  Understand the best options available to you and do not grab the air ticket just because it is cheap. Do not agree on everything that your travel agent says, because they may be many surprises.
  • Medical Insurance:- When you are travelling to a foreign country,  getting a medical insurance is necessary. In case you encounter with illness or health related problems, even a small treatment would cost you heaps.  Therefore, before travelling consider investing in a medical insurance.
  • Carrying cash: – If you have return tickets with you and you do not want to do shopping, then you may not need much cash. There are also several rules and guidelines for each traveler carrying cash outside India. There is a limit for currency depending upon the purpose of visit of the traveler.  You can check the currency guidelines as per the rules of the country you are residing in.

Why Choose West Highlander?

Those were several things to take care of after the visa interview. The team West Highlander can help you abide by the latest rules and regulations so that you can travel hassle free.  We have been into the business from last many years and know the immigration business inside out.  For more information about the visa preparation and scheduling, contact the experts of West Highlander. We will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.