Tips for Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Australia Student visa application

Statement of Purpose – SOP is a very important document supporting your student visa application for Australia.  It gives you an opportunity to let the case officer know about how your background of your study or work experience is relevant to your proposed course of study in Australia and how this course would benefit you in terms of future career opportunities or pathways. Your Statement of Purpose must be original written by you and must not be generic. Your statement of purpose must be convincing and must reflect your individual circumstances.

Points Guidelines for Statement of Purpose

  • Your background in your home country
  • The course you intent to study
  • Why do you intend to study this particular course
  • Your eligibility to study in this particular course
  • Why would you like to study in Australia
  • Same course availability in your home country
  • The University/ college you chose to study
  • Reasons for choosing this University/ college
  • Outline of the course you would be studying
  • How would this benefit to you in terms of career opportunities / pathway
  • How would you pay for your course tuition and Cost of Living
  • Your personal and economic circumstances in your home country
  • Any other information supporting your student visa application for study in Australia

One of the important considerations while the case officer makes decision on your student visa application to Australia is your genuine intent to study in Australia. Your SOP can act as a strong tool to prove your genuine intent for study abroad. No doubt you are submitting all your documentation with your student visa application but your SOP is a document which can reflect you being a Genuine Temporary entrant- GTE. Under current student visa regulations for Australia, GTE is a very important criterion for grant of a student visa of Australia. If the case officer is not satisfied by these criteria he won’t approve your student visa application for Australia. The applicants need to be specific in explaining the points mentioned in the SOP. It might be not be enough to say that you would like to study in Australia because you love Australia. You need to be specific about what you love about Australia. Similarly all other aspects of your SOP must demonstrate what they have to do with your choice of study in Australia.