Understand NZ in terms of regions, economy and relevant study options

Economy of New Zealand – New Zealand is a developed country with high standard of living, health and educational facilities. The economy cherishes economic freedom by allowing people to pursue whatever economic activity they want. The country stands third in the whole world in the Index of Economic Freedom and first in ease of doing business. The economy has a dominant service sector, then manufacturing and agricultural sector while, the exports of the country are majorly driven by agricultural products.

The retail, professional and health sector contribute nearly 27% of the occupational opportunities. Construction sector has a huge role to play in New Zealand’s economic prosperity with the major players being Fletcher Construction, Fulton Hogan, Mainzeal and McConnell Dowell. The industries with lofty labor productivity include petroleum and minerals, rent and hire services, utilities and property. The labor intensive industries (which employ more labor and less capital) are retail trade, administration, construction, accommodation and restaurants. Considering the export sector, the exports from agriculture, forestry and fishing sector added up to $53.7 billion in 2017. The country has a vast dairy farming industry with country’s largest company being Fonterra controlling one-third of the total diary exports.

Tourism and hospitality is a significant industry in the country owing to the natural beauty of the country. The island country has highest living standards in the world and is welcoming towards students from other countries and hence promotes study abroad and global linkage. The country has gained excessively from the international talents and thereby, has become an innovation hub.

Regional fascinations and best educational institutions at New Zealand –

The major dairy product group, Fonterra, is settled in Auckland with its subsidiaries spread all across the country. For students who aim to gain experience and work in dairy industry can look up for an opportunity at Fonterra.

The international students who aim to study in New Zealand and gain experience in construction sector can opt for an opportunity at Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki and grab an internship at Fletcher Construction. Other prominent institutions include Northtec, Manukua Institute of Technology and Waikato Institute of Technology. The average salary in the field is about $62,000 per year.

Wine industry of New Zealand is known worldwide owing to the diverse variety and top-notch quality of wine produced in the country. The remarkable regions where wine industry is majorly settled include Auckland, Canterbury, Central Otago, Marlborough, etc. The best institutions students can opt to study in are EIT and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

For students planning a career in New Zealand in Animal Science, Veterinary and livestock management can establish a promising career with an annual salary of about $58,000. For study in New Zealand in this field, students can opt for a course in Massey University, UCOL, SIT, and Unitec Institute of Technology.

Other major industries of the country include wood and wood products, logistics and supply chain in exports, marine and environment owing to huge coastline, natural resources, education, nursing, tourism and hospitality, and animation and graphics. The Animation and Graphic design industry has contributed $10.1 billion to the GDP of the economy and therefore is a major exporter of design services to the world. The institutions students can choose to study in are Media Design School, and UCOL.

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