Useful Tips to Succeed in a Visa Interview

Students who desire to go overseas and study need to attain a visa to the country they are heading to.  Every country has its own set parameters based on which it is determined if a student is fit for a visa or not.  The visa interview takes place at the visa office of the destination country.  You would require visiting the visa office if it is not situated in the city you reside.  The aim of the visa interview is to check is the interest of the student to do the course is genuine and you are not going abroad for immigration purposes and would come back once your studies have got completed.

 The visa officer would verify that whatever you have written in the application form and other supporting documents are genuine.  This verification is done by asking you several questions and carefully examining your documents.

We have put below several tips that you need to follow to succeed in a visa interview.  These tips would help you go through the tedious process of visa interview.

  1. Fill out your application forms correctly. Care should be taken that the information that you have provided is genuine and there are no confusions about it.
  2. Have all the documents organized.  The supporting documents would include your TOEFL/IELTS score sheets, college admission letter, I20, passport, approved education loan, proof of your financial status, etc.
  3. Do not parrot the answers. Most of the Indian students make a mistake of memorising or rehearsing the answers over and over again.  Students should expect the questions but never go prepared with the answers.  As mentioned earlier, the aim of the visa interview is to test if your intentions of studying abroad are true and meet the other guidelines.  The interviewer is not going to test your conversational skills, but all he wants is truthful answers about your future plans and intentions.
  4. Most of the questions asked in your visa interview would be related to the choice of university, course, sponsors and your future plans.  But in case visa officer asks you something out of this, you should not get panic and answer in a polite way.  Most of the Indian students take visa interview as a test, and if they are asked something out of syllabus, they get panic.  Since visa interview is not a TEST, therefore, stay relaxed, calm and confident.
  5. If due to some reasons, you are not able to get through the visa interview process, remember that this is not the end of the world.  You can always reapply and appear for an interview.

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