ACS Skills Assessment Checklist 2021- Details of documentation required to apply for assessment

The first step after checking your occupation in the consolidate list for Australia PR is to apply for skill assessment with a recognized authority. Whether you are applying for Australia immigration under subclass 189, subclass 190 or subclass 491 it is important to check the consolidated skilled occupation list (ANZSCO) to match your profession with the right in demand profession in Australia. Once you have found the right occupation as per your work experience and skills in order to apply for Australia PR and to score points for your application which is 60 you must apply for skills assessment with the right organization.

For IT professionals planning to apply for Australia PR in 2021, it is important to ensure they have all the documents as per ACS skills assessment checklist. Going forward, we would be providing complete details on the ACS skills assessment and the document requirements as per ACS skills assessment checklist.

ACS Skills Assessment

ACS refers to the Australian Computer Society which assess skills, knowledge and expertise that you have in the field of IT (Information Technology). Keep in mind that only the IT professionals are assessed by the Australian Computer Society. In order to ensure your work experience and academic qualifications are as per the Australian standard and to claim points for the same ACS skills assessment is required.

ACS Skills Assessment Checklist 2021

Following are the documents required for ACS skills assessment:

  1. Personal Documents

You would be required to provide a colour scanned copy of your passport to ACS. The passport’s identity page must contain your name, address and other documents required. Further, in case of a name change you must provide documentation in support of the same. Consult your registered MARA agent in Chandigarh, West Highlander for the same.

  1. Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum Vitae

In the personal segment of your application form of ACS it is important that you submit your resume. While it is not mandatory in several other Australian accessing bodies, ACS highly appreciates resumes.

  1. Qualification Documents

For your qualification to be recognized it is important you provide colour scan of your academic record as well as degree certification. Only degrees obtained after 12th in India such as bachelor, diploma and Masters or higher would be consider. You must provide complete information in your application for:

  • Degree/Title
  • University which granted degree
  • Degree completion date
  • Course information along with marks/grades for each unit or subject.
  1. Work Experience Document

One must provide a colour scan of the work references of the companies that you have worked for on the company letterhead or third party’s regulatory statements.

For documenting job experience you must provide the following details:

  • Start and end date of employment must be mentioned in career experience. If current working in the company, the end date should be written as ‘to date’.
  • Mention all the roles and duties you performed while working in the profession.
  • Average working hours per week to be mentioned. If the work was full time or part time needs to be mentioned as well.
  • Place of work to be mentioned.
  • Organizational letterhead, signed by the sender, should contain name, title of the position served, address and contact information.
  • Salary statement documents
  1. Third-party Statutory Declaration Requirements

Along with this official statement or third party statutory declaration requirements should be fulfilled for their working arrangement with you.

Ensure the following while filling your ACS skills assessment form online:

  1. PDF files- All your records must be mentioned in a single PDF file containing information about your qualification and work experience. The file size should not be more than 3 MB.
  2. Uploads of Original Certificates- High quality scanned colour copies of original documents, licenses, passports, resume and others in resolution of minimum 300 dpi are required.
  3. ACS can require additional documents in case the documents you provide are not sufficient. In such a scenario insert additional documentation or new documentation to support your argument. In such scenario rename the folder to demark it from other files you have previously submitted.
  4. In case you provide a document in a language other than English then a written English translation needs to be attached from an accredited English authority. Original and translated both copies need to be sent together.

Cost of ACS skills Assessment

For skills (general application) the charges for assessment are AUD 500. For recognition of previous learning (RPL) the charges are AUD 550. For review or appealing the application the charges are AUD 395.

What is the validity of ACS skills assessment?

The ACS skills assessment is valid for a minimum 24 months period from the date of issue.

Is IELTS/PTE result required for ACS skills assessment?

No, IELTS/PTE results are not required for ACS skills assessment.

What is the ACS skills assessment processing time?

The ACS skills assessment processing time is 5-8 weeks provided the authority does not ask for any additional documents. In case of additional documentation requirement the processing time could be longer.

West Highlander- Your trusted Australia PR Consultant

Skills assessment is one of the very important steps of your Australia PR process. You need to have positive skills assessment for your application to move further. For this step you need services of an expert, experienced and qualified skilled migration consultant. West Highlander immigration based in Chandigarh has years of experience in successfully filing skilled migration cases for Australia. Ms Parwinder Kaur, Operations director at West Highlander Immigration is qualified MARA Agent registered with office of MARA, Australia.