Career in Teaching in Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Education is considered as a noble profession benefiting the society. It is a very challenging and a rewarding profession. Well trained and highly motivated teachers are always in demand. Imparting knowledge to the students as well as shaping their personality and character requires a deep commitment and motivation. Depending on individual interests and career goals one may choose to teach in a, preschool, kindergarten, secondary or higher education.

One may also choose to be a special education teacher who teaches children with learning difficulties. Then there is also option for teaching in institutions other than schools and colleges like language centres or soft skills training centres.

Career in Teaching in New Zealand

You need to be registered and hold a current practising certificate to teach in New Zealand. One needs to meet the practicing standards for the teaching profession to be issued a practicing certificate which is valid for 3 years. The practising certificate enables you to be employed. You need to renew your practicing certificate every 3 years. For this you need to be of good character and fit to be a teacher. You also must complete professional development. Depending on your choice of sector -early childhood education 0-5 years ,primary 0-8, secondary school 7-13 or9-13 you need to complete Initial teacher education program-ITE. Year 7 and 8 is covered in intermediate schools thus are included in primary and secondary ITE programs. To become a teacher in New Zealand you need to meet academic entry requirements and have proficient English.

Career in Teaching in Australia

Early childhood education teachers, secondary school teachers , Special education teachers, Special needs teacher, Teachers of English to speakers of other languages, University lecturer are listed on the CSOL List of Australian immigration as per the current list. Teachers are in demand in Australia. This implies that you may have career in Australia in Teaching if you are qualified for the same and meet all other requirements. There are immense job opportunities for teachers in Australia. Having a recognised degree from an Australian Institute would make you eligible for extra points of an Australian qualification.

You need to be registered as a teacher to work in Australia. Each state and territory in Australia has a teacher regulatory authority which grants and manages registration of teachers. Usually at the initial stage the teacher is granted a provisional registration. This means that the teacher meets the Graduate career stage of the Australian Professional Standard for teachers along with other requirements. Once the teacher has met the Proficient career stage full registration is granted. The maximum period for registration is 5 years. The teachers need to undergo periodic process of renewal in order to continue to hold full registration.

Career in Teaching in Canada

You need to register in Canada to work as teacher. Every territory and province has its own process of certification. The policy of some of the largest provinces of Canada in term of area and population are as below

  • Alberta
  • You need to initially apply for IPC- Interim professional certification for which you need to meet the academic and professional requirements.  The IPC is valid for 3 years. You are eligible to apply for PPC- Permanent Professional Certification once you have successfully met the requirements. The school authorities are required to recommend the teachers for PPC. The Permanent Professional Certificate does not expire

  • British Columbia
  • The teacher regulation branch of the Ministry of Education issues certificates. Professional certificate and trade certificates are non expiring certificates. The former is issued to candidates who have met all the requirements for teacher specification. Trade certificate is for teaching in a specific trade. Conditional certificate is an expiring certificate of validity up to 60 months and is issued to applicants who have met most of British Columbia for certification but do not have current unrestricted certificate from another province. Development tern certificate is another expiring certificate restricted to specific speciality area like technology education, chef instruction.

  • Ontario
  • To be certified as teacher in Ontario you must have completed a minimum three-year postsecondary degree from an acceptable postsecondary institution have successfully completed a four semester teacher education program apply to the College for certification

    Depending on your chosen field of teaching you need to apply for certification as a as General education teacher, teacher of technological education, primary junior teacher, teacher of native language. If you are a certified teacher but not living in Ontario and would like to teach in Ontario then you are eligible for no condition certificate of qualification and registration.

  • Quebec
  • There are four different types of teaching authorisation in Quebec. The teaching Diploma is a permanent authorisation and other 3 the teaching permit, the teaching license and the provisional authorization are temporary.

    The teaching diploma and the teaching permit are for graduates who have a recognised teacher training program in Quebec or other province. If you are enrolled at a teaching program in Quebec at Bachelors or Masters Level then you are eligible for provisional teaching authorisation. If you are enrolled in a vocational training teaching program in Québec and have completed at least 90 of the 120 credits of a bachelor’s degree in vocational training then you are eligible for teaching license.