Diploma in 3D Production (Level 6) in Yoobee School of Design

Yoobee School of Design

Campus: Christchurch Campus

Duration: 40 weeks

Intake: Feb and July

*Fee: $19,500 + $2,000 COURSE FEE

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Carve your career in 3d production. This diploma provides you the knowledge that you need to turn your creative ideas into images, capturing the aspect of movement to bring characters to life.

Learn new technologies in character modelling, rigging and character animation. Use dynamics and particles with cloth and fluid simulations to get best visual effects. With practical lighting and rendering techniques, you’ll be able to develop work that has professional polish. You’ll use industry based methods throughout the year, from creating conceptual artwork and storyboards, to building a show reel that truly tells about your talent and skills.

After diploma, you’ll receive the New Zealand Diploma in Animation (Level 6)

Course Features:

This is a 40 weeks course. While doing course, you will learn cutting-edge technical skills, complete projects to a commercial standard, and develop your own unique design style.

Concepts you’ll cover:

  • Modelling and Texturing – use ample tools and methods to model hard surface and organic models, and use those methods to rigging, animation and interactive games.
  • Technical Studio – Learn the fundamentals of lighting, rendering and rigging, and discover how they apply to modelling, animation, interactive games and compositing. Know how to amend scene file to get a lower render time frame.
  • Animation – Learn the concepts of animation by using multiple tools and methods and explore how to use these techniques to other areas. Enhance your audio and acting skills to get better character rating.
  • Visual Effects – In this you will learn a good range of content. You will learn visual effects design, analysis of real-world physical phenomena, pre-visualisation and animatics, to scripting and math for VFX, dynamic effects and working with footage. Not to mention 3D and camera tracking, 3D software integration, render passes in compositing software and software introduction.
  • SHADER TD (TECHNICAL DIRECTOR) – Write and adjust shaders to know the look of models and prepare objects to be painted by texture painters.
  • 2D ANIMATOR – Create characters, storyboards and backgrounds for animation in a two-dimensional area.
  • 3D ANIMATOR – work with computer technology to digitally model and employ computer images to give them life.
  • COMPOSITOR – Prepare the final image by blending layers of previously created material including rendered computer animation, special effects, graphics, 2D animation and live action.
    Eligibility criteria

    Academic eligibility:

    Student must have completed 10+2 in any stream and must have evidence of creative work.

    English language proficiency score:

    1. IELTS score of 6.0 with no less than 5.5

    SPEAKING – 5.5

    READING – 5.5

    WRITING – 5.5

    LISTENING – 5.5

    1. TOEFL Score of 60 is required with a writing score of 18
    2. PTE required score is 50

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