Diploma in Business management

Diploma in Business Management at Dawson Creek, Canada

The postgraduate diploma in Business Management is a one year program aimed to provide students advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in the functional areas of management.  In the business management course, you will learn the business competencies of the complex and changing business environment to drive the organisational growth.  When you have completed this program, it will open doors to new hopes and opportunities and reach to informed decisions.  This diploma will provide students with the necessary skills and advanced knowledge to become successful business managers and have a flourishing career ahead.

 The successful completion of the programme, you would be able to-

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary view of the business problems and situations.
  • You will learn to create strategic perspective with regards to the organizational decision making
  • You will learn to analyze the financial implications of the business world
  • You will generate potential strategic solutions to handle various business problems through appropriate research and methodologies.
  • Apply technology to perform various business functions and operations
  • Generate solutions to solve business problems

Eligibility Criteria

 The eligibility of the participants who are applying for the programme is having at least bachelor degree with minimum three years of experience in the managerial field.  The business management must have completed their final year of schooling. The interested students can also demonstrate an advanced level of English and must be capable of studying and then working in an English speaking environment.

Career Opportunities in Business Management

Career opportunities in the business management field are continuously increasing. The global marketplace is continuously increasing; therefore, graduates will have opportunities to work in a broad range of settings, including domestic and international locations.  The business professionals will work in international markets, retailers, educational institutions, banks and financial institutions. Since the international business is driven by the highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Therefore, in order to succeed in this complex business environment, you need to develop skills and deploy business practices in these global dimensions.

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