Entrepreneur Visa Canada: Business Entrepreneur Visa Program 2021


Canada offers immense opportunities to immigrants. Other than Canada PR programs the other important and popular opportunity for immigrants is Canada Business Entrepreneur Visa Program 2021. Canada brings several benefits to immigrants. Firstly, one can migrate to Canada with their spouse and dependent children. Secondly, there are tremendous work and business avenues as Canada has a strong economy backed by natural resources, industrial and manufacturing growth. So, one can plan to start a business with numerous scope of profit. Entrepreneur Visa Canada also helps you to apply for permanent residency and later fast track application for citizenship.

What is Entrepreneur Visa Canada?

Entrepreneur Visa Canada or Business Entrepreneur Visa Canada is an option for investors and entrepreneurs planning to start a new business venture in Canada. Canada with its strong economy offers the Entrepreneur Visa Canada program 2021 for candidates who have a minimum business investment of CAD 200000 and 3 years of business experience. Along with this net worth of CAD 500000 and meeting the requirements of Entrepreneur Visa for Canada are required. One can consult their Business Visa Consultant in Chandigarh for meeting the requirements and checking the eligibility of the program.

What is the eligibility requirement for Canada Business Entrepreneur Visa Program 2021?

Following are the eligibility requirements for applicants planning to apply for Canada Business Entrepreneur Visa program 2021:

  1. As an applicant for Canada business Entrepreneur Visa program applicants are required to have an experience of running a successful business for minimum of 2-3 years.
  2. You also need to make a minimum investment in 2021 of CAD 200000 and net worth of CAD 500000 is required as an essential factor.
  3. On landing in Canada applicants need to start, purchase or make an investment in business in Canada and participate in the active running of the business.
  4. One must ensure they create work opportunities and employment for others.
  5. Canada Business Entrepreneur Visa program 2021 has different requirements based on the province you are planning to apply. For this you could consult West Highlander, your Canada Business Investor visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Is there any language proficiency requirement for Entrepreneur Visa Canada?

 As an investor planning to apply for Entrepreneur Visa Canada it is essential that you are fluent in speaking in the official languages of Canada (English/French). For this you would be required to give an IELTS general test and score reading 4, writing-5, listening-5 and speaking-5. This is equal to CLB 5.

Is there any age limit for Entrepreneur Visa Canada 2021?

There is no maximum age limit but a candidate between the age of 24-49 can be benefitted more from the requirements for scoring points.

How can I apply for Canada Business Entrepreneur Visa Program 2021?

  1. Applicants interested in applying for Canada Business Entrepreneur Visa program 2021 need to meet the requirements such as – age, business experience, investment, and language proficiency based on which points are awarded.
  2. The next step would be to apply with an expression of interest for the Canada Business Entrepreneur visa program 2021. On meeting the requirements and receiving an invitation to apply from Canadian immigration authorities’ next step would be the submission of complete documents for entrepreneur visa to Canada along with PR.
  3. One should consult their Canada business investor visa consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander for complete information and faster documentation checklist completion.

What are the benefits of applying for Entrepreneur Visa Canada?

There are several benefits of applying for Entrepreneur visa Canada:

  1. The investment requirement is modest and begins at $200,000.
  2. Further, applicants can include dependents-spouse and children.
  3. The Entrepreneur visa to Canada offers accelerated PR option to you and your family.
  4. Further, one can fast track their application for citizenship to Canada.
  5. The entire family can benefit from world class healthcare and education benefits.
  6. Canada has a strong economy so investing in Canada without a doubt is profitable.
  7. Moreover, being in Canada and expanding network you would not only be creating jobs but opening new possibilities of expansion.

What are the investment requirements for different provinces in Canada?

There are several provinces in Canada with their own minimum requirements:

British Columbia: You need to have a minimum net worth of $600,000 CAD and should be able to invest a minimum of $200,000 CAD. Also you would be required to show proof of business or management experience and meet the eligibility requirements.

Manitoba: For investing in Manitoba you need to have minimum of 3 years of business experience or in a senior manager role. Minimum investment requirement in Manitoba capital region is $250,000 and outside Manitoba capital region is $150,000. Other than this you should have a net worth of $500,000.

Nova Scotia: For investing in Nova Scotia net worth of $ 600,000 and minimum investment requirement of $ 150,000. You further need to have minimum 3 years of experience in successfully running a business or 5 years of senior management.

Ontario: For investing in Ontario 3 years of business experience in last 5 years is required. Other than this, net worth of $800000 and minimum investment of $600000 is required for Greater Toronto Area. In case you are planning to invest outside GTA then minimum investment of $200000 and net worth of $400000 is required.

Saskatchewan: For investing in Saskatchewan you need a minimum net worth of $500,000 and 3 years of business management or entrepreneurial experience in last 10 years. In case you are planning to invest in Regina or Saskatoon then investment requirement is $250,000. Outside Regina or Saskatoon you need to invest a nominal sum of $150,000.

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