Express Entry for Canada PR- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Express Entry for Canada PR- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


  1. What is express entry?

Express entry is a point based economic immigration program of Canadian Federal government for applicants who wish to apply for permanent residency. It is comparatively faster process for immigration.


Express entry also opens pathway to apply to particular provinces by PNP or Provincial Nominee Program.


  1. What are the benefits of applying in express entry?

It is a faster process for Canada PR which usually takes up to 6 months. The entire process is online system so it is completely transparent and genuine system.


  1. What programs can I apply under express entry?

You can apply under Federal Skilled worker or Federal Skilled Trades program under express entry based on your skills and particular requirements of the programs.


  1. What are the requirements to apply under express entry?

As it is a point based system you will get points for:

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Occupation listed under NOC
  • Work Experience
  • Language Ability
  • Relatives in Canada (If any)
  • Spouse’s Language ability and qualification (If any)
  • Job offer from Canadian Employer (if any)


  1. Do I need a job offer for Express entry?

No, you do not need a job offer for express entry.

In case you have a job offer then you can claim points for the same.


  1. What are skill levels for Express entry under NOC?

As express entry is for skilled workers you need to have work experience at NOC Level O,A and B which qualified as ‘Skilled Work’ in express entry.


Make sure the duties and job title match your own duties that you have performed in your work.


  1. What should be my first step for express entry?

To apply in the express entry pool you must create and submit an eligible express entry profile.



  1. What is Educational credential assessment?

Educational Credential Assessment or ECA is a process by which your foreign qualification is compared to Canadian qualification. For express entry to claim points for your educational qualification for Canada PR ECA report is must.


  1. What is point system for express entry?

Each year the Canadian government receives applications for Canada PR. So, in order to select the best of the candidates you are given points as per the eligibility criteria called point system assessment.


  1. How long is my express entry profile valid?


Your profile is valid for 12 months.


  1. Can I change information in my express entry pool?

Yes, you can update any change in your qualification and language scores.


  1. Do I need a language test for express entry?

Yes there are language tests for English.

IELTS General Training

CELPIP General


  1. Is there a fee for Express entry application?

No, there is no fee for express entry application.


  1. What is Invitation to Apply?

Once you have been selected under express entry after assessment of profile you will receive an ITA Invitation to apply from IRCC. With this you can apply for Canada PR.


  1. What is Comprehensive Ranking system (CRS)?

The comprehensive ranking system is point based system by which your profile is assessed and you are ranked in the express entry pool. The total points in CRS are 1200.


  1. How can I improve my CRS score?

You can improve it by scoring more on the language tests.


  1. Can my family come with me in for Canada PR with express entry?

Yes, you can provide details of spouse and any dependent children in your express entry profile.


  1. Will I get any points for my spouse’s application?

Yes, if your spouse is planning to join you then you get additional points for their educational qualification, work experience and language test scores.


  1. Are there any experienced immigration consultants I can take help from?

Yes, you can always take assistance of experienced immigration consultants.



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