How much work am I allowed during and after study in Australia?

Studying overseas is a crucial decision and involves a hefty sum of money. When a student plans to study abroad, he aspires to make most optimum use of his time. Along with studying, the international students often opt for work opportunities so as to gain work experience and exposure to the professional environment. For the international students who want to learn, grow and earn in Australia, Australian Government has provided guidelines to regulate and coordinate their education and work schedules.

The work duration allowed to international students depends upon the course chosen by them, whether they are studying currently or have completed their studies. These are the factors which decide the work tenure for study abroad aspirants. Let us understand in detail –
While studying in Australia, the international students who are pursuing diploma or bachelor degree are allowed to work 40 hours fortnightly. The students who have undertaken master by research program or doctoral program, they can work full-time during their study tenure.
Post Study options to work in Australia, the international students who have completed diploma course and that too from Eligible Skilled Occupation List, those students are eligible for 18 months Graduate Job Work Visa Stream.
The students who have completed their study in Australia in Bachelor’s program or Master’s by course work program, they get 2 years post study work visa.
For students of Master by research program, there is 3 years post study visa to work in Australia.
For students of PhD or Doctoral program, there is 4 years work option on completion of studies.
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