How to apply for Canada PR?


Planning to apply for Canada PR from India? Are you stuck in a confusing dilemma of choosing the correct pathway or program to apply?

Well here is the solution tailor-made to suit everyone’s requirements. The friendly and diversified immigration policies of Canada cater to a broad range of candidates from different areas offering social benefits that are accessible to everyone.


 Canada the popular choice of migrants



There is no denying that Canada has become a popular destination and the foremost name that turns up in minds of people planning to settle in a newer land of opportunities. The rapidly increasing number of international migrants in the maple leaf country is because of the ambitious targets of the country. With the recent announcement of newer numbers of 1.2 million immigrants being welcomed in the next three years the numbers are expected to sail higher in terms of applicants who would be looking for Canada PR consultants in Chandigarh. Canada’s reputation of being an immigrant friendly country has been maintained for decades due to the numerous benefits the Great White North, Canada has to offer to the migrants turning up for opportunities and brighter future. With a vast job market to explore, leading educational hubs ranking continuously in the top 10 positions as per QS ranking, quality of life and medical facilities.



Canada PR immigration programs for 2021



Even with testing times Canada has stood strongly and has programs which can be life altering.  For candidates planning to apply for Canada PR there are numerous programs. The country is sought after by immigrants not only for the faster migration programs but a lot more which the country has to offer like great weather, relaxed and serene environments, quality of life and excellent perks and facilities under the government run authorities. Canada immigration has become a choice of many for the simple reason that the immigration policies of the country are comprehensive. Whether you are skilled worker, trades person, entrepreneur or student there are programs which can cater to people from different walks of life. Some of the most sought after and fastest Canada PR programs are:



  1. Express Entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Programs



How to apply for Canada PR in 2021?


With new immigration targets of 1.2 million immigrants to be welcome in the coming years one can plan to apply for Canada PR under different programs.


Canada Express Entry- Express entry is one of the leading immigration programs with fastest processing time. The program offers candidates a scoring system for the points he/she scores against the set requirement and compete among the other profiles in the express entry pool under the comprehensive ranking system. The finest profiles make the mark and are selected to be sent invitation to apply for Canada PR. Under express entry an Indian applicant can apply under Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades program. Another program called Canadian Experience Class as the name stated is for applicants with experience applying from Canada itself. Another point to be noticed is that the express entry system allows the provinces to select the best candidates to be nominated for provincial nominee program in case the applicant shows interest and the right job is in demand in the province as per the PNP program.


Canada PNP or Provincial Nominee Program- In case you wish to settle in a particular province in Canada such as Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta or any other there are numerous provincial nominee programs. A candidate after submitting his express entry profile and file for expression of interest stating his genuine interest in settling in the province. These provinces have their own requirements and your Canada PR consultant can correctly assist you in fulfilling the requirements of the provincial nominee program you seek to apply.


Quebec Immigration- Quebec Skilled Worker program is for candidates who wish to settle particularly in the francophone province of Quebec. For this the candidates needs to fulfill the requirements as set by the province post which they would be eligible to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate. On obtaining the CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate you become closer to obtaining Canada PR by submitting your application to the IRCC.


Process to Apply for Canada PR


In case you are wondering how to apply for Canada PR, here are the key steps as suggested by experts at West Highlander you must take prior to navigating through the process of migration:

  1. Check the Eligibility requirement of the program or Consult your Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh
  2. Ensure your IELTS requirements is met as per program
  3. Get Educational Credential Assessment
  4. Create your express entry profile
  5. Arrange documents for ITA
  6. Submit visa applications in 60 days of receiving an ITA
  7. Submit medical tests and PCC reports
  8. Visa stamping



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