How to clear GTE for Australia Study Visa

One of the very important requirements to get Australia study visa is to clear the GTE requirements. This blog article compiled by an experienced and one of the best registered MARA agents in Chandigarh India covers the factors based on which the study in Australia GTE requirement is assessed. This article covers the following 4 points and how to clear these three factors to get successful GTE assessment of your student visa application. This article may help you answer your question of   how to clear GTE for Australia Study Visa?

  • GTE for Australia student visa continuation of study and work experience
  • GTE for Australia student visa funds and family income
  • GTE for study in Australia Statement of purpose

Applicants must note that all the above 3 factors must be in your favour for the success of your Australia study visa application.

First Requirement- GTE for Australia student visa continuation of study and work experience

One of the GTE Australia requirements is that the students must be engaged in studies or work experience. The students must not have any gap in their studies. If there is a gap in the student profile there may be problems with the GTE assessment and the GTE may be refused. If there are any gap years in between the academic and work profile, you must have a justified explanation for the same. If you do not have any solid justification then there are chances you may not be able to clear this particular factor as per the GTE Australia requirements. On the other hand if there are no gaps in your profile that is you have been in continuation of your study or work experience along with having good percentage of marks and verifiable evidence of your work experience then this GTE factor could be highly in your favour.

Second Requirement- GTE for Australia student visa funds and family income

Australia student visa requirements for Indian citizens include providing a proof funds and family income. As a part of the Australia study visa application, the students must have funds for the first 12 months of tuition fees for study in Australia and cost of living. The three things to keep in mind for this requirement is,

First year tuition fees which depends on the college or university as well as the course of study in Australia

Cost of living which is AUD $21,041 for one year

Travel expense which is Australian $2,000 per adult

Study in Australia aspirants must note that it is not only enough to have funds as per the policy requirements. The other requirement is that these funds must be genuinely available for your study related expenses in Australia. If the case officer is not satisfied that that these funds which you have shown for Australia study visa application would be available for you then despite having the required amount of funds ,your Student visa application for Australia still could be refused as you have not cleared this very important GTE requirement for Australia study visa. To assess that if these funds would be available for you the case officer may take into consideration many factors like who are your sponsors, how are you related to them, your family establishment in your home country, the income proofs of your family and any other related information. So the applicants are highly encouraged to send the complete documentation package for the assessment of this GTE factor. The sum of these funds should be in the name of an acceptable sponsor for Australia study visa. The study in Australia aspirants are also required to provide family income proofs.

Third Requirement GTE for study in Australia Statement of purpose

Australia study visa GTE process also requires an SOP, which is called a GTE statement in Australia. Before applying for Australia student visa, the students must make sure to add the following important points in this GTE statement. The GTE statement for Australia study visa must be written in a way that conveys that your intention is only to study in Australia.

  • Why do you want to study this course?
  • How this course is relevant to their academics and previous work experience?
  • What are the career goals after the completion of the program?
  • What research you have done for study in Australia?
  • Name the universities you researched about.
  • Mention similar courses in these universities and why did you choose this one?
  • Why are you not studying in your home country?

Following are the points based on which the GTE for Indian students wishing to apply for Australia student visa is assessed

  • Academics
  • Continuity of your study
  • Your IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score
  • Relevancy of your proposed course for study in Australia
  • Research you have done about your study in Australia
  • Value of the proposed course to your future career goals
  • Funds to pay for tuition fee and cost of living in Australia
  • Your personal circumstances in your home country India