How to get PR in Canada after 2 year study 2021

How to get PR in Canada after 2 year study 2021?

Canada offers several immigration opportunities to students who have completed their studies in Canada or planning to. In case you are planning to study in Canada or have completed a 2 year study program in Canada there are several options for you. Canada offers numerous immigration programs and international graduates can apply under the federal express entry program or apply for PNP or provincial nominee programs.

 There is economic and employ driven Atlantic Immigration Pilot program. Further one can apply in the province one is studying in through express entry linked PNP programs such as Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have numerous international graduate streams. Other than this one can apply to Quebec too.

Going forward let us discuss the complete detail on how to get PR in Canada after 2 year of study in 2021.

Express Entry

 Is one of the most promising and fastest economic programs for applying for your PR status. Under the Express entry program an applicant is given points based on their age, work experience, education and your language proficiency. From here on, one needs to score minimum points for express entry and be eligible to enter the pool. From the express entry pool the profiles get selected based on the high comprehensive ranking system and receive ITA for PR. Under the Express Entry system a student who has completed or will be completing a 2 year study can apply under Canadian experience class. One needs to ensure that you have one year of full time work experience to qualify. For this your university or college should ensure they provide a post study work permit for you to gain sufficient work experience.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

 Now in case an applicant has a job offers from any of the four provinces in the Atlantic region- Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island one can apply for Atantic Immigration program. Your job offer should be in a job NOC O, A, B or C for at least one year. Further one needs to ensure language proficiency of minimum CLB 4 either in English or French. One needs to ensure that you are a full time student in Canada and have completed minimum of  your 2 year study program. Also prior to applying you should have graduated in the last 12 months.


 In case you completed your study program of 2 year study in Canada and have received an employment job offer from an employer in Ontario you could apply for getting a PR in Canada through International Student Stream. The requirements for International student stream for PR in Ontario requires you have a permanent full time job under NOC O,A or B along with full time minimum 2 year degree or or full time minimum one year post graduate diploma program from Canadian university or college. Further, Master’s and Phd Applicants too can apply for PR in Canada in 2021.

British Columbia

 In British Columbia one can apply under BC PNP Skills Immigration Stream for International Graduates. For apply for PR in Canada after 2 year study in either British Columbia an applicant needs to secure a full time job from BC employer under NOC O, A or B. In case you have completed study outside British Columbia then you must secure a job offer of full time work from a BC employer. Applicants who have completed their Master’s or PhD can also apply for PR in Canada.


 Alberta does not directly have a PR program but in case you have a post graduation work permit and minimum 6 months of full time work experience in Alberta in occupation related to your studies then you can opt for Alberta opportunity stream for PR in Canada.


 Saskatchewan has two categories students who have completed their 2 year study program in Saskatchewan  and have 6 months of work experience in a job listed in NOC level 0,A or B can apply under International student Saskatchewan experience category. Another category is for students who have completed their studies elsewhere in Canada and have secured a job in Saskatchewan for minimum of 6 months in NOC 0, A or B.

Other than these one can apply for Manitoba International Education stream –Career Employment Pathway. New Found land and Labrador, New Brunswick and Quebec have its own programs. Therefore there are several options to get PR in Canada after 2 year of study in 2021.

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