Improve approval chances in re-application of Canada study visa - After refusal

Improve Approval Chances in Re-applying for Canada study Visa-After Refusal


Study abroad top choice? The only name that comes forward is Canada study program and destination itself. One of the main reasons why many students opt for Canada as their preferred choice for study destination is the top quality education provided by QS ranked leading colleges and universities. Other than this the research opportunities, top Canadian scholarships for Indian students , renowned faculty members and opportunities for career growth widen with a Canadian study degree/diploma.  A general rule of thumb is to apply for your Canada study visa application 6 months before the intake session begins as the processing and decision take time.

Complete information on reapplying after Canada study visa refusal

However, one of the common challenges faced by students planning to apply for Canada study visa is the refusal rate which has increased. This refusal on your Canada study visa application seems disappointing and students are worried about what to do next? Don’t worry and read on! You can definitely improve your approval chances for Canada study visa application and complete your dream of taking the next flight out to Canada for your study in Canada program. Your Canada education consultants in Chandigarh can assist you in providing the best solutions for each and every reason of refusal and how you can improve the approval chances.

Top reasons for Canada study visa refusal and solution

When a Canada study permit application is refused, you will get a letter issued by the visa officer stating the reasons for refusal. This refusal reasons can give you broad information about the reasons and under an expert Canada educational consultant you can work on the reasons and improve your approval chances for Canada study visa.

Reason #1 for refusal –Insufficient family ties in home country

  1. One of the common reasons for refusal by your visa officer is your insufficient family ties in your home country and this can generally mean that you would not be returning back home or do not have means to support yourself in Canada during your education program.
  2. A case officer would require that you provide proofs for your strong family ties.
  3. Further, if a student has family ties in Canada it can seem that student would not be returning to his home country.

Remedy- For ensuring the visa officer that you have every intention and means of returning home you can provide property documents, investment asset documents and family details which can be a convincing factor to ensure you can improve your approval chances in re-application of Canada study visa. To ensure that your family ties in Canada are not a difficulty to your reapplication provide details of reasons of you going back to your own country and the family in Canada not a reason to hold you back.

Reason #2 for refusal – Employment prospects in your home country

  1. Another reason for refusal is the lack of employment opportunity in your own country.
  2. In case your statement of purpose does not include the future plan and goal you have for yourself or the reason to go back to your own country after completing your studies it can seem a reason for rejection by your visa officer.

Remedy- For ensuring that your visa officer finds no reason for doubting you during your re-application process if you are already were a working employee you could provide proofs that on completion of your study program you could be offered a promotional or a higher rank in the company. In case you have a business idea of venturing out on your own then you could provide a business plan and the justification of its successful working in your home country.

Reason #3 for refusal – Travel History

  1. Another reason for Canada study visa refusal noticed by Canada education consultants in Chandigarh has been applicants not able to provide complete information of travel history.
  2. In case, you visited a country and overstayed the duration it can badly affect your chances of Canada study visa which shows through your passport.

Remedy- Make sure you provide complete details and mention in study plan that you would naturally be returning back home on completion of your studies. Your best Canada education consultant in Chandigarh can guide you for every aspect of re-application of Canada study visa.

Reason #4 for refusal – Not declaring visa rejection

  1. Your visa officer has complete details of any visa rejection you had in the past.
  2. In case you do not mention the visa rejection in the past it can badly affect your approval chances.
  3. Make note that Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada follow similar biometric channels which results in them having your complete details.

Remedy Provide complete and honest details of any visa rejection that you had in the past to your case assessment officer or Canada education consultants in Chandigarh. This can help them in rectifying the issue and help you in improving your approval chances in re-application of Canada study visa.

Reason #5 for refusal – Financial insufficiency

  1. In case you are not able to provide complete details of financial funds which can help you in supporting your study and accommodation in Canada under any of the study program you have applied in whether SDS or non-SDS then it can another reason for Canada study visa refusal.
  2. Other than GIC you need to have sufficient funds to be able to support your stay in Canada.

Remedy- Having sufficient funds is a crucial factor in the fast processing of your Canada study visa application. In Canada you need to have a GIC of CAD $10,000 plus 1 year tuition fee. However, it is always better that you show proof of more funds. The more the funds better are the chances of approval.

Reason #6 for refusal – Purpose of Visit

  1. In case your Canada study course does not match your previous education or experience then it can result in your visa officer not being able to assess your case.
  2. For example – you studied Bachelors in computer application and your choice of Canada study course is diploma in computer application. This is not beneficial as you already have a higher degree in your home country and your plan of studying in a lower level course in Canada is not justified.
  3. Another example- Is that you did nursing in your home country and now wish to study accounting in Canada. This again reflects a mismatched combination and can be a reason for refusal.

Remedy- Make sure your previous education or work experience match with the current choice of course. Secondly, the course you are opting for to study in Canada should be higher than your previous degree course. Mention in your SOP your reasons for studying the course and future goals and end goals you wish to achieve after completing your course. Your SOP should be original and not a copy paste document sourced from internet or any other source. Your visa officer is experienced immigration officer and has read numerous SOPs over the years so try to be original.

Reason #7 for refusal – Acceptance letter

  1. Before applying for Canada study visa you need to get a letter of acceptance (LOA) from your designated learning institute (DLI).
  2. For receiving a LOA you have to meet the program needs such as documentation, language test and other details as per the program.
  3. In case you do not have the complete details of your DLI or the documents you sent forward for LOA then your visa officer can doubt your application.

Remedy- Make sure you have researched about the Canada College or university where you would be studying. Also carry all the documents you sent for your LOA during your interview with visa officer. These documents should be clear and readable. In case you provided any additional documents then carry the same to your interview too.

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