Masters in English language in Germany

Germany is a fast-growing country that allows its students to study for free, that is, in some universities in Germany the tuition fee is exempted. Also, many scholarships are given to students so that they can study. Germany believes that students should study as much as they want and should not lack any skills. This is not only for native students but also for international students who aspire to study in Germany. An international student needs to apply to a university and after the letter of acceptance, he or she has to further proceed with German student visa applications. For any help in visa application or queries related to study in Germany, you can contact us at West Highlander Chandigarh. We will help you with the procedure of how to apply for a Germany study visa. West Highlander is the best immigration consultant for Germany in Chandigarh. We also are ICEF-trained counselors.

The quality of education provided in Germany is high, attracting many students to study in Germany. Also, Germany’s quality of living and economic standards are well managed, attracting students to study there. Besides, the criteria of free education provided to national and international students also, make study in Germany attention-seeking.

There is this misconception that to study in Germany a student needs to learn the German language. This is certainly not the case in every situation, there are universities in Germany that provide courses that are taught in English. There are renowned universities in Germany that let international students choose courses that are taught in English. Most of the universities partially teach in Germany and partially in English.

Reasons to pursue Master’s degree in Germany

A student who plans on pursuing a master’s degree in Germany would make a life-changing decision for himself. Germany does not only offer a student a first-class education system or a suitable living experience but also a unique cultural experience that allows a student to broaden his or her outlook and have a larger perspective on different things. Study in Germany allows a student to learn in new ways, either through research or internships that allow students to have new experiences. Thus these new experiences will help them in learning and getting a knowledge of how to deal with people in their professional lives as well. Study in Germany gives students a very vast range of career opportunities in Germany as well as worldwide.

German universities have a great reputation for research and innovation, with several offers being offered to students. Some of the subjects like, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and sustainability. The cost of living in Germany has proven to be less expensive than in other countries. Also if a student does not know the German language he or she can opt for courses that are provided in universities like Munich Business School to study in English language. Thus Germany is a perfect fit to study masters as it allows a student to learn in new ways, and get more practical knowledge than theoretical.

How to get into Master’s program in English in Germany    

If a student wants to apply to study in German in English language then he or she has to keep certain things in mind. A student applying to study in Germany in the English language has to have a strong command of his English language, which means that the student’s written English and spoken English both are fluent. Also, a student has to know about German culture as he or she will have to deal with the people and the place on a daily basis. A student applying for education in Germany in the English language has to have an outstanding academic record and also score well on the test that he has given to get into a university. His undergraduate marks and other test results hold a very strong point for him to get into a university. A student with strong academic results will have a high chance of getting into his or her selected university. The application for the master’s program to study in Germany will not be easy, a student will have to face a lot of competition as the entrance for masters is a competitive one. Thus a student in his application has to put in all the important details. He or she has to include all the necessary information and material that help him get selected in his or her choice of university to study in Germany.

Listed below are some of the requirements you need to get into master’s program in English in Germany:

  • Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree in a relevant course that you have chosen from a relevant university is needed.

  • English proficiency

A student will have to showcase his or her ability or competency in English, although each university might have its criteria for the selection of a student. IELTS is one of the important tests considered by Germany if a student wishes to study an English-taught course.

  • Proof of financial support

A financial proof is required to be given by every student in order to prove that they can support themselves while living in Germany.

  • Work experience

In some courses, a student might also have to show his or her work experience to get into a course. It has to be mentioned in the application being submitted by the students.

Name of master’s program taught in English in Germany

Germany is among one of the top universities in the world that provide students with master’s programs. Countless top-rated universities in Germany provide students with English language courses. There are many courses and degrees that are valued everywhere around the globe. Some of the programs that are available in English language for study in masters are:

  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Business Administration – international economic law
  • Biology and Chemical engineering
  • MA Photography
  • American Studies
  • Bioengineering
  • Body, Theory, and Poetry of Performance
  • International Management – Focus on Creative Leadership
  • Computer Engineering
  • Embedded Systems Engineering

There are many other courses available in universities in Germany that provide students with a variety. Thus a student can choose a course he or she is interested in to study in Germany.

Name of Universities with the English language in Germany

Germany has its universities among the top listed ones. This is because of the education system provided by Germany to both its national and international students. Also, the free education works as an attraction for a lot of students. German university provides students with programs entirely taught in the English language. Some of the universities that provide such courses are:

  • Technical University of Munich (TU Munich)
  • University of Hamburg
  • Berlin International University of Applied Science
  • Frankfurt University of Applied Science
  • University of Freiburg
  • University of Tübingen
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • University of Leipzig
  • Humboldt University Berlin.
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin)
  • RWTH Aachen University

Why study in Germany

Study in Germany is one of the best options for people planning to do a master’s. Germany has its own unique and innovative manners to teach and educate its students. Students learn through practical knowledge more than theoretical. The culture and living standards of Germany allow students to learn and experience new things, it helps them in broadening their horizons. Further, the degrees given by German universities give students a chance of getting higher job opportunities worldwide. German universities also offer students with scholarships and funding opportunities, making it an easier and more affordable option for all students from various backgrounds. Thus Germany is highly recommended for pursuing a master’s degree.

An international student can apply for his or her Germany student visa once they have received got their letter of recommendation. Thus to have a smooth application for Germany study visa you can contact us at West Highlander. We are the best career-focused immigration consultants in Chandigarh. We assist with the full application and visa process, which is complicated. To acquire an offer of a spot and then a visa for going to Germany, one must carefully present and submit their application and visa application. Also, we are ICEF Germany-qualified counselors.

If a student aspires to go to study in Germany, then they must get counseling from the best Germany student visa consultants in Chandigarh. West Highlander is available to help you throughout the process of your Germany study visa. Our Director, Ms Parwinder Kaur, is an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor who can assist you in achieving your aspirations. From start to finish, she can provide the necessary guidance to help you successfully study in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find a job in Germany with English?

While the obstacle of language can be difficult, it is important to keep in mind that there are ample amount of jobs in Germany that do not require a person to speak fluently in the German language. Many worldwide firms operate in English and they are always looking for skilled workers who can contribute to the firms with some new insights.

Are English Masters in Germany free?

There are a lot of international students studying in Germany. There are a lot of English language courses taught in Germany that serve a high quality of teaching. Most of the study programs in Germany are free for international students.

Who is eligible for a Master’s in Germany?

Students who have completed their undergraduate studies in a related subject from a reliable university are eligible for a master’s in Germany.