NSW 489 Regional Skilled Occupation List updates

The skilled regional nominated 489 visa is a provisional visa that allows you to live and work in regional NSW for upto 4 years. With this visa, you will get permanent residence. This visa gives you an opportunity to hold this visa and live for at least two years and work for at least one year in NSW. You may also get eligible to get a permanent visa at a later stage. There are several requirements that you need to fulfill, when you are applying for skilled regional nominated 489 visas. The common requirements are given herein below:-

  • You need to have been nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area.
  • You must have achieved the scores which are specified in your letter of invitation.
  • You must have good competency in English
  • You must have a nominated occupation that is relevant to skilled occupation list
  • You have not yet turned 50 years of age.

Health Requirements

You are also supposed to meet certain health requirements when you are applying for this visa.  The health examinations will depend on your personal circumstances, which will also include your country citizenship. You are also supposed to get your health examinations done before you lodge a visa application.  This also applies to you and dependent family members listed in the application.

Character Requirements

 You must provide a police certificate from each country in which you have lived in or 12 or more than 12 months. The same rule applies to you and all your dependent family members that you have listed in your application, no matter they are migrating or not.

You need to present documents that prove the claims you made in the application. Some documents may take some time to obtain; therefore, it is suggested to have them ready before you lodge your visa application. You will have 60 days to apply, if you are invited for the visa. To ensure successful lodgement, you need to apply early. You may lodge your application online.