Statement of Purpose for Canada study Visa: Pointers


Canada is a land of growth and numerous opportunities for the young and talented applicants planning to apply for Canada study abroad program. There are numerous requirements which you need to successfully fulfill to be able to secure a Canada study permit. Your English language proficiency and transcripts for your previous education would be the first step your Canada study abroad consultant would suggest you to fulfill. The next step would be to selecting the program you wish to apply in and the intake you would like to enroll yourself in. Once you have selected these short listing and selecting the top Canadian university or college would be the next step. Here is when you would have to submit an application to the selected Canadian academic institute along with your reasons to study in the particular university or college.



This is what is called a statement of purpose for Canada study visa permit.



Going forward we would be discussing the statement of purpose for Canada study visa:



What is Statement of Purpose for Study Visa?




  1. For Canada study abroad program, a statement of purpose is an important factor for the application process.
  2. Statement of Purpose is an essay which would explain your reasons and purpose to apply to the particular Canadian university or college.
  3. Your Canadian university or college would provide guidelines on the framework for SOP.
  4. Ensure you mention your goal. A good SOP can bring you closer to your desired Canada University or college and your Canada study abroad program.
  5. A well defined SOP is taken seriously, so try to write an effective SOP which does not reflect your efforts being a copy from the internet.
  6. Your Canada study abroad consultant can guide you through the complete process of Canada study abroad program in case you face any difficulty.




Why is the benefit of a Statement of Purpose?




  1. To show your genuine interest towards a study program at a particular university it is important to write a good SOP.
  2. For admission to any Canada College or university for a student depends on the SOP.
  3. Your SOP is a reflection of your goals and achievements & personality which can bring success with your study abroad application.
  4. The admission team would assess your SOP and support you to reach your goals as mentioned in your SOP.
  5. SOP is like a key to unlock the door to Canada study abroad program and admission.
  6. You need to make your statement of purpose out of the box, straightforward, effective and captivating at the same time.





How can I write an effective SOP for a Canada study visa?




  1. Your content for SOP should be genuine and free from plagiarism.
  2. The content needs to be concise and particular word count should be followed in effective writing.
  3.  You should be able to explain your reasons to opt for a particular course and how it can assist you in the future.
  4. Grammatical mistakes should be avoided and concise sentence formation should be followed.
  5. Creative stories in SOP which reflect superiority should be avoided.
  6. To make your SOP sound interesting it is best if you could write it in a conversational tone.
  7. Expert guidance should be taken to write effectively as this is an important step towards your study application.
  8. You should be able to represent yourself through your SOP indirectly without speaking anything about yourself.
  9. Honesty is the best policy; therefore answer all the questions correctly.
  10. You are the writer and character in your SOP. So write sentences as first person and not in second or third person.
  11. Make sure you mention all your achievements, be it academic or extra-curricular.



How to write a good SOP for Canada study visa?



What to include in SOP?




  1. Professional goals which would reflect on the reasons for choosing a particular course.
  2. Financial background is an indicator on how you would support yourself through your academic journey.
  3. Academic goal is an indicator on your willingness and dedication towards your academic growth and success.
  4. Personal motivation shows your drive towards the course.
  5. Reason for choosing the particular course or College is a strong indicator to be highlighted in your SOP for the particular college and the course. It has to show why you are particularly interested.
  6. Your previous academic and extracurricular accolades, achievements and participation should be mentioned as it shows your overall personality.


What not to include in your SOP?



  1. Repetition of words or phrases should be avoided.
  2. Informal language is not appreciated.
  3. Do not deviate from the reasons of writing your SOP and provide irrelevant information.
  4. Do not mention about your roots or family background.



What are the mistakes that I should avoid while writing SOP?



  1. Your SOP is a statement of approximately 1000 words length. So it is advised you research prior and make key notes that you would like to mention in your
  2. Summarize your achievements and experiences which reflect on your personality.
  3. Be clear on your introduction and conclusion as it indicates how your entire essay would sound.
  4. Do not use informal language or slangs in your SOP. Professional language should be used in writing an SOP.
  5. Use creative words to describe your goals and achievements and be concise and do not exceed beyond your word limit.
  6. Proofreading twice or thrice or as many times till you are satisfied should be done to avoid any spelling errors, incoherent flow and any punctuation errors.


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