Study in Australia –GTE Assessment factors

Applicants interested to study in Australia need to fulfil the GTE requirements as the part of the application process for Australia study visa.

GTE is a very important factor based on which the decision of your application is made. If you clear the Australia GTE your student visa for Australia is successful. But you fail to meet the GTE criteria your application could be refused.

 This blog covers

  1. What is GTE for Australia study visa?
  2. Eight important factors for Study in Australia GTE
  3. Detailed explanations about each of 8 GTE requirements

What is GTE for Australia study visa?

GTE stands for genuine temporary entrant. All applicants need to clear the GTE requirement. The purpose of GTE assessment is to assess whether you are a genuine student whose only intention to go to Australia is to study. It is very important to meet the GTE requirement. To assess this case officer assessing your Australia student visa application would consider various factors. He would take into consideration your overall circumstances which may include your qualification, your proposed course to name a few

Eight important factors for Study in Australia GTE

The GTE assessment for your application would be based on following 8 factors

  • Good Academics
  • Continuity of your study
  • Your English language ability
  • Relevancy of your proposed course for study in Australia
  • Research about your study in Australia
  • Value of the propose course to your future career prospects
  • Financial ability to pay for tuition fee and cost of living in Australia
  • Your personal circumstances in your home country

Detailed explanations about each of 8 GTE requirements for Australia

Following is the explanation about each of the 8 GTE Australia requirements

Good Academics- Study in Australia GTE requirement factor 1

This is the first factor in your assessment. Applicants must have good academics throughout. Good academics indicate that you are a serious student . Having good percentage of marks in your 10th, 12th, Bachelors or any other qualification you may has a positive impact on your GTE assessment for Australia student visa. Having mediocre academics may signal that you may not be able to cope with the studies in Australia and hence may impact your application negatively.

Continuity in study- Australia GTE requirement factor 2

This is another very important requirement the applicants need to meet as a part of the application process. Your must have continuity in your academic education and any work experience profile you may hold. It means there must not be any gaps in your profile. There must not be any gap in your 10th and 12th as well as any gap after 12th if you wish to study in Australia after 12th.

Likewise you must also not have any gap in your 10th and 12th, any gap in your 12th and graduation as well as any gap after your graduation. If you are involved in any kind of work experience you must have proper documentation to support your work experience claims. You must have verifiable evidence for any work experience you may hold.

English language ability- Australia GTE requirement factor 3

As Australia is an English language speaking country students need to have a evidence of their English language ability which is an indicator that they can successfully complete their proposed course in Australia. They may provide in the form of an IELTS test or a PTE test. The IELTS band requirement may be different for different courses. Students can check with the Study in Australia consultant for this.

Relevancy of your proposed course in Australia- Australia study visa GTE requirement factor 4

This is another important requirement of Australia GTE for student visa. Your proposed course must be logical progression of your current academics. This indicates that you are a serious and a genuine student who is choosing a course which would add to your current academic profile. Choosing an irrelevant course may have a negative impact on your Australia student visa application

Research about study in Australia- GTE requirement factor 5

Another very important requirement is about the research you have done about Australia. You are planning to spend a significant amount of your family finances and the case officer would look into the research you may have done about this. The students must attach a well drafted GTE statement along with their application for Australia study visa. GTE statement for Australia study visa may include following points like

  • Why did you choose Australia?
  • Why are you not studying in your home course
  • Why did not you choose any other study abroad destination?
  • Why have you chosen this particular course?
  • How is this program of study relevant to your current profile
  • What universities did you research about in Australia?
  • Why did you particularly choose this university?
  • What are similar course available in your home country and why did you not choose to do those

Value addition of your proposed course- GTE requirement factor 6

This is another important factor. Mention in your GTE statement for Australia study visa about the expected career outcomes after completion of the course. Mention specifically about the value it would add to your future career prospects. The students may mention about different kind of job designation they may get after completion of the study program.

Financial ability – Australia GTE factor 7

This is another very important GTE condition for Australia student visa one must fulfil. Your must have enough financial resources to pay for your tuition fee and cost of living for study in Australia. It is not only about having funds. It is also about the funds being available for your study and cost of living.

Circumstances in your home country- GTE for Australia student visa factor 8

You must also mention about your personal circumstances in your home country. In your GTE statement for Australia mention about all the ties you have in your home country which would motivate you to depart Australia after completion of the program. This is very important to mention in the GTE statement for Australia.

Above is the detailed explanation of the GTE assessment factors. An experienced and an expert Australia study visa counsellor can help you prepare a good GTE package. A qualified consultant can help you with preparation of customised checklist for the GTE process. West Highlander based in Sector 34A Chandigarh has been helping students apply for their Australia study visa for more than 16 years. One of the key team members is an experienced registered MARA agent registered with the office of MARA Australia. All this makes West Highlander the top and one of the best Australia student visa consultants in Chandigarh.