Study in New Zealand – Scholarships for International Students

New Zealand is a promising study destination and fascinates hundred thousands of students every year. The qualitative education with research opportunities, multi-cultural and welcoming environment of New Zealand enhances the learning experience of students and proves really helpful for international students in their prospective career. Among all these lucrative and befitting factors, it is a common myth among people that study abroad is an expensive venture and costs whopping amount of money. But, there are some way outs which can significantly reduce the expense you might consider to study in New Zealand. There are several Scholarship plans ran by educational institutions and other organisations for potential international students to partially or fully finance their study in New Zealand. These are –

  • Auckland Summer Scholarships – The University of Auckland provides an exclusive 10 week summer research scholarship opportunity. With this, you will gain deeper understanding of your subject and work with the leading researchers of the university. Also, you will earn tax free $6,000 stipend. Further, it will provide an add-on to your CV and will allow you a chance to consider postgraduate study in your field of interest. You will also be able to generate networks and collaborate with intellectual people that will help you in your career.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Program – The University of Waikato has this scholarship option for students of all fields. The students who excel academically or in sports or creative arts or possess exceptional leadership skills are eligible to apply. Under this program, the student will get $10,000 per year for undergraduate full-time program and also personalised academic support. For scholarship, the students can apply through online application form.
  • VUW Postgraduate and PhD Scholarships – Under Doctoral scholarship, the student will get $23,500 per year along with tuition fee for the tenable period of three years. Under Master’s by thesis scholarship, the student will get $15,000 tax free stipend, plus domestic tuition fee for one year. Under Graduate award, the students who have attained a minimum of GPA 8 are eligible for $5,000 scholarship.
  • University of Waikato Taught Postgraduate Scholarship – The famed university homes various scholarships in New Zealand, provide better opportunities to international students. To become eligible for the scholarship, the international students must have attained 120 credits in a New Zealand University. The scholarship value will be up to $3,000.
  • John Wright Scholarship at Southern Institute of Technology – The scholarship opportunity is especially for students of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The students with exemplary sporting skills and academic ability are eligible for this scholarship. Every year, 25 scholarships are given to students. To become eligible, the student should have attained 7 bands in IELTs exam and first division in bachelors program or at least 70% in senior secondary.
  • University of Canterbury Alumni Scholarship – The scholarship is for first year undergraduate students and post graduate students. To become eligible for Category A, the students should fulfil university entrance qualification requirement and have been studying at secondary level while applying. The Category B scholarships are tenable for full-time study in final year of an honours program or any year of PG degree or diploma. The amount of scholarship is $5,000.
  • School of Engineering Postgraduate Study Scholarship, University of Waikato – The scholarship is for those international students who have studied at Waikato university in preceding one year and the process is automatic and do not require any applications from students. The value of the scholarship is equal to 15% of the full international student fee for the second year of study in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships – The scholarship is for master’s program (1-2 years) and PhD program (up to 3.5 years). The student will get full tuition fee, NZ$480/week and establishment allowance NZ$3,000, medical and travel insurance, travel expenditure to and from home country and much more to study in New Zealand. The applicant can apply through their own country’s ‘Nomination Agency’. The agency will then nominate 2 applicants from all the applications and send it to New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. There are different scholarship plans for different qualification levels. Among all the scholarship programs, NZ Commonwealth offers most alluring scholarships in New Zealand.

Having learnt about several opportunities of scholarships in New Zealand for study abroad aspirants, now you can avail benefit of these rewarding opportunities and ease your financial budget. If you require more information regarding study abroad, kindly consult West Highlander. Director at West Highlander, Ms. Parwinder Kaur is an IAA New Zealand licensed Immigration Adviser and bears years of experience and expertise in performing student visa application process. Contact no. – 9915999677, 9915999766.