Study Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in New Zealand

Mechanical Engineering is a highly dynamic field that applies design, mathematics, engineering, physics and science to manufacture, analyze and maintain mechanical systems. The sphere requires understanding of thermodynamics, mechanics, dynamics, structural analysis, material science and electricity. The tools used include Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Product Life Cycle Management and others.
The manufacturing sector of New Zealand is transiting from cost base to quality base with a subsequent increase in lean manufacturing. By sector of origin, the manufacturing sector occupies one-fourth share of GDP. The major industries in New Zealand include food processing, metal fabrication, aluminium production, and wood and paper products. Providing employment to a large share of population, manufacturing sector holds huge importance in the economy.
The international students who aim to study Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in New Zealand have various options as there are many globally ranking institutions to study in New Zealand. The quality of education is among the highest with best infrastructural facilities.
Institutions to study Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in New Zealand
Southern Institute of Technology – For study abroad aspirants, SIT institution offers Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, New Zealand Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and also a graduate certificate program. The institution has 4 fully-equipped workshop facilities with modern tools and machineries. The well qualified professors and lecturers, interactive learning environment and best infrastructure at SIT will enhance the learning experience of the students.
Wintec Waikato Institute of Technology – The institution has three year full-time Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology program for international students. The Level 7 course fee is $21,450 and requires from students to have gained 6 overall bands in IELTS with no Band less than 5.5 and appropriate academic qualification. The institution also offers one year Graduate Diploma in Mechanical, mechatronics, water, power, road and transportation to study in New Zealand.
Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology – The renowned institution provides study abroad aspirants with New Zealand Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Level 6 program. The duration of the course is 2 years and location is Tauranga. The tuition fee of the course is $35,000. After completion of study in New Zealand, the students can opt for employment in product research companies, aviation, boat building, automotive and energy companies.
University of Canterbury – The University is known to promote innovation, creativity and independent thinking. The study abroad aspirants can opt for graduate and postgraduate course in Mechanical Engineering. There is Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering and Post-Graduation in Mechanical Engineering courses with research project areas as design, fluid dynamics, acoustics and vibrations, instrumentation, manufacturing, robotics, control and instrumentation, etc.
There are remunerative employment opportunities for graduates of this field. The average annual salary of Mechanical Engineer in New Zealand ranges from $42,403 to $91,115. Their job responsibilities include design research and recommendation on the basis of safety, appearance, function, efficiency and budget; writing technical reports, preparing handbooks and bulletins for usage of the machinery by staff and customers; oversee the manufacturing process; analyse problems of mechanical and thermal devices to solve the problems; time and cost estimation of projects, etc. The work of Mechanical Engineers requires mental presence, perseverance, problem solving ability and creativity.
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