What do Universities check in GTE assessment for study in Australia?

Australia GTE statement – what the study in Australia aspirants need to know about GTE for Australia study visa?
The first step towards your Study in Australia application is to get an unconditional offer letter. Even if you fulfil the academic and English admission requirements you need to cleat the GTE Australia process to apply for Australia study visa.
What is GTE?
GTE stands for genuine temporary entrant. According to the policy any study in Australia aspirant need to clear the GTE process in order to get Australia study visa. You need to prove that you are a genuine student whose main aim to go to Australia is to study.
How does the university check GTE?

  • The university does an assessment of various aspects like
  • Academic Assessment
  • English assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Your ties to your home country
    For this study in Australia aspirants need to provide range of documentation. Your study in Australia consultant will guide you about the documentation you need. Universities and colleges have their individual GTE requirements which they convey to your Study in Australia agent. You need to follow the precise instructions given by your university for GTE assesment else you may not be able to proceed ahead with Australia study visa application.
    What is GTE statement?
    It’s a personal statement based on which the University will provide you with unconditionsl offer of a place. So it is very important that you prepare this statement very carefully.
    What all should be included in GTE Australia statement?
    As the name suggest include everything which proves you are a genuine student. Mention about

  • The course you intend to do
  • Why you intent to do this course?
  • How is the course relevant to your academic background and work experience you may have?
  • What research have you done about Study in Australia?
  • Why are you not studying in your home country?
  • Why have you chosen a particular university?
  • Which other universities you searched about?
  • Why did you choose this college/ university over others?
  • What will you do after completion of course?
  • What career outcomes do you expect?
  • What kind of jobs would you get?
  • What kind of companies could employ you?
    You need to do a thorough research for all this. Your GTE statement must be original depicting your individual circumstances. You cannot take it lightly as the success of your Australia study visa largely depends on your GTE Statement.