What is GTE- Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria for study in Australia

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One of the very important factors influencing your student visa application to Australia is GTE- Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria.  If the case officer is satisfied that your meet the GTE requirements your study in Australia application will be successful. If this requirement is not met your study visa application to Australia will be refused.

GTE is a very subjective criterion. It depends on the individual circumstances of the applicant. Your study abroad consultant must know what factors constitute GTE so that he is in a position to guide you accordingly. As already mentioned Genuine Temporary Entrant GTE requirements depend upon the applicant’s individual circumstances so generic checklist are not applicable to everyone.  There are other requirements also which need to be fulfilled like English language ability which is documented by your IELTS/ PTE(A) score and funds to support you while on study visa in Australia.  Fulfilling these requirements in isolation will not result in approval of your student visa application unless and until you fulfil the GTE criteria.

To sum up the applicant must address the following points clearly and effectively for GTE to be successful. All the points are subjective and vary as per the individual applicant.

The applicant’s circumstances in their home country

Your consultant must have in depth discussion with you regarding your personal circumstances in your home country and accordingly prepare your application. The case officer must be satisfied that your personal circumstances in your home country are such that you will return after completion of your study in Australia.

The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia

Your potential circumstances in Australia must not dominate your present circumstances in your home country. If the case officer concludes that your circumstances here in your home country are such that you are highly likely to remain in Australia, may lead to doubt of you being a genuine student whose only intention is to only study in Australia.

The applicant’s immigration history

If you have any immigration history you need to address that too. Any previous visa refusals must be explained carefully. If this is not addressed properly the case officer may doubt your intention of going to Australia for study resulting in failure of GTE requirements and ultimately refusal of your study visa application to Australia

The value of the course to the applicant’s future

Value of the course to the applicant’s future is another one of the important GTE factors. The case officer must be satisfied that the course you are planning to do is of value to you in case of your career opportunities. You also need to address things like remuneration and career prospects in your home country which is strong indication of you coming back after completing your studies and thus being a genuine student.

At West Highlander we ensure that the GTE criteria of all our clients are addressed minutely and your individual circumstances highlighted. We have a strong and an experienced team which asses your circumstances. One of the key members of Team West Highlander is a MARA agent registered with the office of MARA, Australia. Our success rate for study visa applications for Australia is one of the highest in the region. West Highlander the best study visa consultant for Australia in Chandigarh making your study in Australia process a smooth and an easy experience.

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