What is SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) Australia?

Australia has been allowing international students to study in Australia from many decades and to ascertain whether the students entering in the country are genuine or not, they created various procedural requirements and visa sub classes that classified the students in various categories according to their area of study, financial capacity, country of origin, etc. Over the years, the process became very stringent and unlikely and cumbersome for international students to understand and pursue that directly impacted the number of students who applied to study in Australia. Owing to this reason and a few others, Australia reviewed its student visa policy and finally in 2016, made certain changes in the policy.

The new policy is named Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF), under which the process of applying for student visa has been made simpler for genuine students. Now, all the students, irrespective of the course undertaken, will apply for a single Student visa Subclass 500 and if guardians of the students want to apply, then they are required to apply under Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590. For all study abroad aspirants aiming to study in Australia, there is single evidence level framework that applies to all international students. To lodge the file in the embassy, the students and guardians are required to create an ImmiAccount.

There is another provision under Student Visa Subclass 500 which says that international students should enroll in the course at the same level of their previous qualification or at the higher level of Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). If you transfer to a lower AQF level course or to a non-AQF course, then your visa can get cancelled.

There are various other requirements under SSVF scheme regarding document checklist, language eligibility, minimum funds requirement, genuine temporary entrant, health and character requirements, etc. which international students are required  to fulfill. The Australian government has installed an online document checklist tool on its home affairs website so as to make international students know about the documents that they are required to furnish for their individual profile.

The SSVF has definitely made the study in Australia process easier and has reduced the chances of red tape. If you require more information regarding Australian education regulations or how you can apply to study there, feel free to contact West Highlander. West Highlander is a professionally managed immigration and study abroad consultancy based in Chandigarh, providing services to students aspiring to study abroad. The key personnel and team member of this consultancy is Ms. Parwinder Kaur, an Advisor licensed by Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA Agent) with office of OMARA Australia, member of AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives in India) and many more.