Why study in UK’s London City?

For the International Students who had studied in the UK or studying in the UK or planning to study in the UK – London of the UK is the city that International students mostly prefer for studying and gaining an internationally recognized and respected education.

Now, out of all the great cities present in the UK why London is on the radar of the study-abroad aspirants who aspire to study internationally? After assessing all the factors making London on the hit-list of the International Students desiring to study in the UK for education; West Highlander has jot-down all these factors that will convince you as an International Student to study in UK’s London City if you’re planning to pursue your higher education from abroad.

Why study in UK’s London City?

  • Hub of Elite Universities: The London City of the UK has the highest concentration of the world’s top universities worldwide. Six of these universities feature in the top 200 of The Times Higher Education World University Rankings while 15 are in the WUR top 500.
  • Classified Education Quality: London having the maximum top-ranked universities indicates that it has now become a one-stop of higher education excellence full of institutions providing a wide range of courses of different disciplines while imparting high-quality teaching and learning to its students. Addition to this, ground-breaking research and discoveries have been conducted on the land of London by different Universities of the UK. Moreover, this is a centre of academic excellence with over 70 Nobel Laureates.
  • Quality Assurance: A regular inspection is conducted by the QAA- Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education dedicated to ensuring that the universities maintain their high-standards of learning which is expected. As a student aspiring to study in the UK, you will get the opportunity to be taught by the world’s leading academics along with developing your soft and hard skills.
  • Strong Network of Facilities: As an International Student landed to study in the UK, you’ll be provided with proper assistance and guidance to settle in the unfamiliar space. Along with this, you are provided with the academic support and facilities as well to enhance your overall educational experience of studying in the UK.
  • Choose from a wide range of Programs: Along with choosing one of the best-suited universities to study in the UK in its London City itself, you get an advantage to select from 30,000 programs which are offered from Accountancy to Zoology – almost every possible area of study which you can think of attaining a specialization of.
  • Melting Pot of Culture: As an International Student landed to study in the UK, in London you’ll experience different cultures because London is the # Number1 World’s International Student City who comes to study in the UK. Currently, London has become home to 1, 00, 00 International Students from over 200 different nations which represent their own unique culture of their nation.

London as a city to study in the UK has a lot to offer to the International Students. Providing quality education to the students, it also lets them experience a thriving social life. Here, in London itself, a student can grab from innumerable career opportunities as per their interest and expertise gained after graduating.

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