Can you move to Canada without a job in 2021

Can you move to Canada without a job in 2021?

It is certainly possible to move to Canada without a job in 2021. Although having a job offer can optimize your chances of Canada PR and get you more points for the PR program you are planning to apply. There are several options for applicants who wish to move to Canada without a job offer such as applying with express entry, provincial nominee program or Quebec immigration program.

With recent updates by Canadian immigration announcing immigration goals of inviting 1.2 million skilled immigrants to Canada from 2021-2023 the number of applicants is surely going to witness a rise.

In this article we will give a complete breakdown of various ways to move to Canada without a job offer in 2021 and requirements for these programs.

Programs to move to Canada without a job in 2021

  1. Express Entry-Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program; are the three programs where an applicant on meeting the requirements can apply without a job in 2021 and move to Canada.

Express Entry-Federal Skilled Worker Program

The federal skilled worker program under express entry is one of three programs through which one can apply for Canada PR. It is designed to assist highly skilled Indian applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residency. One needs to meet the point’s requirement and eligibility requirement to ensure success with visa application. The express entry processing time is of 6 months.

Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker Program Requirements

  1. An applicant planning to apply for express entry federal skilled worker you need experience of minimum 1 year. Further ensure your work is listed in NOC skill level O, A or B.
  2. Language proficiency or your English test score should be minimum CLB 7 which is IELTS 6 in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  3. Further your educational qualification should be assessed or validated by Educational Credential Assessment or ECA.
  4. You would also be getting points for age and adaptability factor. In case your spouse or partner wishes to accompany you, you could get points for their work experience, education and language test score.

Once you have met the minimum requirements you need to score at least 67 points for meeting the above requirement out of 100.

Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker Program point system

Federal Skilled Worker Program- 67 Points

Age Maximum of 12 points
Skilled Work Experience Maximum of 15 points
Language Ability Maximum of 28 points
Education Maximum of 25 points
Adaptability Maximum of 10 points
Valid Job Offer (if applicable) Maximum of 10 points

Once you have met the requirements and have scored 67 points you could create your express entry profile online for which there is no fee. Your profile now would be ranked against other profiles on a Comprehensive ranking system (CRS). Here you would receive CRS score out of 1200. For ensuring correct calculation and assessment of point it is wise to consult your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander at 9915999677.

Provincial Nominee Program

Another category for applicants who are planning to move to Canada without a job in 2021 is provincial nominee program or Canada PNP.  In case an applicant wishes to settle in a particular province of Canada then express entry linked PNP program can be beneficial. Here on successful nomination from a province you would be getting 600 bonus CRS points which can maximize your chances of Canada PR.

Some of the best PNP programs where applicants can move to Canada without a job in 2021 are:

  1. Alberta Express Entry Stream
  2. Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream
  3. Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Category
  4. Nova Scotia Demand – Express Entry Stream
  5. Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream

Here each of these provincial programs have individual requirements which an applicant needs to meet. Further, your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander can assist in the next step of submission of Expression of Interest or EOI to the province. On successfully receive a PNP nomination you could receive an ITA for Canada PR.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Applicants who are interest in settling in Quebec with its easier points requirement of 50 points for individual and 59 along with spouse can move to Canada without a job in 2021. For moving to Canada, Quebec you would need to initially meet the requirements of Quebec Skilled Worker Program and receive CSQ from Quebec government.

You would receive points for meeting the requirements of :

  1. Age
  2. Area of Training
  3. Work experience
  4. Language test scores
  5. Any Job offer
  6. Any relative in Canada or Quebec
  7. Sufficient funds to stay in Canada
  8. Spouse accompanying – Language test scores, education and work experience documents
  9. Any dependent child/children

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