Canada PR eligibility

Canada PR Eligibility


Going by the recent developments in immigration, Canada stands strong regardless of the world facing the issue of pandemic. With the announcement of new immigration numbers of 1.2 million to be achieved in the upcoming 3 years Canada is going strong with immigration programs. The current Canada immigration number of 92,350 applicants being successful in the current time period, without a doubt Canada is the choice of Indians and other foreign immigrants planning their bright career prospects by permanent residency programs in Canada.


With the popularity among candidates for Canada PR programs and benefits Canada has to offer there is a lot to look forward to. Firstly, Canada has a vast employment market for its growing economic development and labor market requirement. Secondly, the pay scales are lucrative and one can enjoy the many benefits of staying in Canada. Thirdly, the quality of life and adequate cost of living makes Canada a positive place to stay. Fourthly, the free medical care and quality education for the family can uplift generations to come. Lastly, talented young minds who are dedicated and hard working can really churn benefits.


With every positive in favor of the immigrants one needs to under Canada PR eligibility for different programs. Canada is a favorable immigration friendly country and offers numerous programs under which Indians can qualify and get Canada PR.

Programs for Canada PR in 2021


  1. Express Entry
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  3. Provincial Nominee Program


Express Entry




  1. Express entry is one of the three popular programs for immigration in Canada and is a means of fast application process with quick results for candidates who have previous work experience.
  2. Under this economic immigration in case your occupation is under National occupation list of Canada (NOC) then you can apply and complete the requirements of this Canada express entry program.
  3. Another benefit of applying for this program with assistance of best Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh is that the processing time is 6 months and the process is completely online.
  4. The program selects the best candidates from a pool called express entry pool using Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  5. For being selected from the pool you need to score maximum points for your express entry profile based on the requirements you fulfill.
  6. Candidates can apply under Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program under the express entry program.
  7. This is for candidates with previous work experience.
  8. The minimum requirements are 67 out of 100 and these are allotted for your educational qualification, work experience, language test score, age and financial sufficiency.



Canada PR eligibility: under Express Entry


To apply for Canada PR under express entry federal skilled worker program, you need to complete the following requirements for Canada PR eligibility:

  1. The primary Canada PR eligibility requirement for Federal Skilled Worker Program your occupation should be listed under NOC level O, A or B. Skill type O- Managerial jobs, Skill type A-Professional jobs and Skill type B- Technical and skilled trades. Your work experience minimum should be 1 year. More years of experience more points you can score.
  2. Educational qualification minimum is higher secondary or 12th for Canada PR. However, to claim more points it is better to have further education. You would need to get your educational qualification assessed by Educational Credential Assessment authority. The authority ensures your home country education matches Canadian education. The fee for the same is around 200-300 CAD dollars.
  3.  Secondly, you need language proficiency test scores. The minimum IELTS requirement is 6 each in reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is equivalent to CLB 7. In case you score higher in IELTS then you can claim more points.
  4. Your age should be 18 or above to apply for this program. Maximum points are achieved by candidates between the age of 26-32.
  5. Adaptability factors include your sufficient financial funds to be able to support your stay in Canada. In case you apply with your spouse, then proof of funds for both are required.
  6. Additional points can be scored for having relations in Canada, spouse’s language scores, education and work experience, job offer from a Canadian employer.



Quebec Skilled Worker Program




For Canada PR eligibility under Quebec a candidate needs to apply as a skilled migrant under Quebec Skilled Worker program which is unique and exceptional as compared to other Canada immigration programs. It is a three step simple process where you check the eligibility required for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Secondly, arrange your documents and apply for the program. Lastly, you would need to obtain a Quebec Selection certificate or CSQ and then apply to IRCC for Canada PR.


To get Canada PR to the province of Quebec you need to meet the following requirements:


  1. Academic Qualification and Area of Training
  2. Work experience
  3. Language Proficiency
  4. Age (You must be 18 years old at the time of applying for the program)
  5. Financial stability/Funds to sustain your stay in Quebec



In case you take in your spouse and dependent children in your application for Canada PR you can definitely claim bonus points for the criteria they meet and also in case you have a valid job offer.



You would be required to score minimum of 50 points as an individual applicant and 59 along with spouse.




Provincial Nominee Program




PNP Canada or Provincial Nominee Program is another option in case you wish to settle in a particular province in Canada. For getting a state nomination under PNP program you can get extra 600 bonus points towards your express entry profile and increase your chances of selection for Canada PR.


As there are numerous provinces in Canada therefore to fulfill the Canada PR eligibility requirement under PNP you would have to check the requirement of the province you are applying in.


Popular PNP programs for Canada currently are:

  1. Saskatchewan Express entry program
  2. Saskatchewan Occupation in demand program
  3. Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream
  4. Manitoba Skilled Worker overseas program
  5. Nova Scotia Express entry demand program


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