Canada PR process step by step


Ask anyone the top choice for migrating or permanent residency and the first and top preference is Canada. Canada has profited from immense popularity with the wide scope of employment opportunities, comfortable and prosperous lifestyle, friendly and welcoming community, and numerous rights for residents with PR status and a lot more. Every year thousands of applicants plan to apply for immigrating to Canada and consult the best Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh. Further, with the announcement of new immigration numbers it is predicted that more than 1.2 million immigrants in the next year would be eligible or having the prospect of immigrating to Canada by applying for various Canada PR programs. Well, there are numerous programs for Canada PR such as Express Entry-Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Quebec Skilled Worker Program but it is wise to know the step by step process for Canada PR process to apply successfully.


For Express Entry


Step 1 Find your work experience in NOC


The first step for the fast express entry system and to apply for Federal skilled worker program is to check your work experience or skill set against the national occupation list of Canada or NOC. For Federal Skilled Worker category your job should be listed against level 0, A or B.


Step 2 Apply for Educational Credential Assessment


Another important step is to apply for your educational qualification to be assessed against Canadian education system so that you can avail yourself maximum points for your education qualification. For this, you need to contact Educational Credential Assessment organizations and the results for the same are given in a month or two. You would have to pay a fee for the same as per the organization you contact.


Step 3 Apply for Language Test-English/French


Further, you need to get your language assessment done for English language IELTS. To claim additional points and in case you are well versed with French then you can apply for French-language testing too.


Step 4 Check eligibility of the program


Till step 3 are the basic pointers required for both Canada express entry and PNP. Now, you need to ensure that you checklist all the points for the program you are applying to. For Federal Skilled Worker Program you need to check the NOC, meet the requirements of age, work experience, education, language, and financial sufficiency a. This step is important to enter the express entry pool.


Step 5 Calculate the CRS score


Ensure you calculate your CRS scores which you would be awarded once you enter the express entry pool. You can check the same on the official website. The CRS scores are calculated out of 1200. In case your spouse plans on accompanying you then their points would also be calculated.


Step 6 Being in Express Entry Pool



Once you have cleared language tests and got ECA you can create your profile and enter the express entry pool. Your Express entry profile is valid for 12 months and therefore in case you feel your profile is not able to score enough points in the beginning you can always return to your profile with updated language tests or further work experience.


Step 7 Receiving ITA or invitation to apply and submit documents


On being selected from the express entry pool in case you make the cut you would receive an invitation to apply. Now you need to submit all the documents for making the cut to IRCC along with your upfront medical and police verification. For this you would get 60 days.


Step 9 Acknowledge receipt and passport request


Once you have submitted the documents and paid the visa fee you would receive a request to get your passport stamped and biometrics.


Step 10 Prepare to Fly!

All you need to do is get your travel plans ready and be ready to fly!



For Provincial Nominee Program


Step 1 Check the Eligibility requirement


The first thing you need to do is to check the eligibility requirements of the Canada PNP you are applying and to the province you are planning to apply. The general requirements however against which you would be assessed are age, education, language test scores, work experience and financial funding. In case your spouse applies then the information of their particular too would be required.

Next step is to check your occupation under the NOC list and to get your educational qualifications assessed by ECA. Also you need to get your language proficiency test results too.


Step 2 Calculate points


Next step is to estimate and calculate your points for age, education, language testing, work experience, adaptability and spouse profile.


 Step 3 Application Submission


Now under the express entry profile, you can express your interest to the province and submit it. On being nominated from the province you would receive 600 bonus points towards your CRS which can be profitable to make the cut and increase your chance of Canada PR.



Step 4 Receive notification of Interest & apply for nomination


The province would send you the notification of interest to apply to the province for nomination which requires you to submit documents as asked. Once you receive the Canada PNP nomination you are one step closer to your dream of Canada PR. Your express entry profile would update reflecting you have received a nomination.



Step 5 IRCC Confirmation


Now you would receive a confirmation from IRCC for nomination and you would have to submit documents and complete the passport stamping request and biometric and be on your way to getting Canada PR.



For Quebec Skilled Worker Program


For Quebec Skilled Worker Program the three steps procedure is as follow:


Step 1 Expression of Interest


First step would be to complete the requirements as other programs and be able to score minimum 50 points for meeting the requirements. Once you have completed the requirements you would have to submit expression of interest on the online Arrima Portal.

Once the ministry reviews your request you would be issued an invitation to apply.


Step 2 Apply for Quebec Selection Certificate


Next step would be to obtain a CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate. There are no fee charges for the same and the time to obtain is 6 months.


Step 3 Apply to IRCC for Canada PR


Now the last step would be to apply to IRCC, provide all documentation and complete the formalities and get ready to fly towards your dream of Canada PR.


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