Canadian language benchmark (CLB) for express entry Canada


Canadian language benchmark (CLB) for express entry Canada

Canada is a dream of many these days as it provides wide economic opportunities. Immigration to Canada for permanent residence can be done through express entry. Express entry provides a quicker pathway to expedite the permanent residency process for skilled workers.

Express Entry Canada

The program provides opportunities to skilled workers who are willing to migrate permanently to Canada. The program has a three pointer requirement for express entry to Canada which includes skilled work experience, education and one of the most important is Canadian language Benchmarks which plays a crucial role in quicker migration to Canada.

National Occupation Classification has a three pointer list categorized as Managerial Jobs –Skill level O, Professional Jobs- Skill level A and technical jobs- Skill level B. For Canada PR one needs to ensure that one is employed in one of the three categories.

Canadian Language Benchmarks to IELTS conversions

Language testing for express entry can be done in either English or French language. For English one can opt for CELPIP General or IELTS General. For English a minimum of Canadian language benchmark of 7 is required. Canadian language benchmark to IELTS for score of 7 means that candidate has scored 6 in each reading, writing, listening and speaking. A CELPIP score of 7 would imply student has scored 7 in each of the four language skills. For French a minimum of NCLC 7 is required for federal skilled worker program. Therefore a candidate would need a score of 310 in both writing and speaking, 207 to 250 in reading and listening.

Experience class entry

For Canadian experience class the entry requirement in English is CLB 7 and French is NCLC7.

Federal skilled trades program

For federal skilled trades program the minimum requirement in English is CLB 5 for speaking and listening and CLB 4 for reading and writing. Therefore a candidate would need to score a minimum of 5 in each section of language. Similar demarcation is for federal skilled trades program in French with minimum of NCLC 5 in speaking and listening. And NCLC 4 in reading and writing.

Canadian Language Benchmark score and Canada PR

A maximum of 24 points are provided for first language be it English or French and 4 points for an additional second language. In case the candidate has French as first language and is proficient in all four language abilities a maximum of 24 points are provided. A minimum score results in smooth Canada PR for candidates. The results for the test are valid for a period of 2 years and candidate should ensure Canada PR processing within the same time period.