Career in Animation & Design in Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Animators create still and moving images for advertisement purposes, print, web. The demand for animators is huge these days owing to the disruption in the technology which has raised the demand of creative people in the industry. Animators are highly in demand in industries like entertainment, gaming. One may also come across opportunities in education industry which e learning becoming an integral part today.  Having a qualification in this discipline would provide you with an opportunity to start a career in this field

If you have interest in computers along with skills of sketching and drawing, have got good visualization skills then this is the line for you. The size of global animation industry being big, there are career opportunities world over with career opportunities in advertising, film and television, cartoons, animated movies

One of the important things to start a career in this ever dynamic field is to have a qualification in this line from a reputable college and University. Having a qualification from a country recognised world over gives you an option to have a career in a country

Job titles

  • Animator
  • CG Modeller
  • Editor
  • Layout artist
  • Gaming developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Cartoonist
  • Digital painter
  • Effects animator
  • Storyboard artist
    Pay scale per hour average (

  • Australia $ 25.78
  • New Zealand $ 45
  • Canada $ 30
  • Germany Euro 14.25
    Career in Australia in Animation and Design

    As per the current information on Department of home affairs, Australia Illustrator with specialisation as a animator, cartoonist, technical illustrator feature in the Combined list of eligible skilled occupations. This implies that you may have career in Australia in Animation and design if you are qualified for the same and meet all other requirements.

    This industry has got a very strong future growth in Australia. The skill level required in this industry is very high. This industry grew in last 5 years with strong growth projections for next 5 years. It is expected that this industry would employ 67000 professionals by 2023. Full time workers earn around $1150 per week. The salaries tend to increase as the experience grows. The industry which hire these professionals in Australia are Professional, scientific and technical industries, Telecommunications, Information media, manufacturing.(

    Career in New Zealand in Animation and Design New Zealand

    Having a qualification from a New Zealand institute may make you eligible to have a career in Animation and Design in New Zealand. As per the policy of INZ you may be eligible to apply for SMC if you complete the policy requirement. A qualification from a New Zealand makes you eligible to score points under SMC.

    In New Zealand new people entering this industry usually earn $17 to $ 20 per hour with wage increase with experience. Experienced animators, digital artists may earn up to $75 per hour. A tertiary qualification along with experience gives good chances of entering the job market. New Zealand is experiencing shortage of skilled and experienced animators. The animation, advertising and design companies have opportunities for skilled professionals. (

    Career in Canada in Animation and Design

    As per current information Graphic designers and illustrators are in the National occupational classification list in Canada. If you have a qualification in this you may have a career in Animation and design in Canada. A degree   from Canada can give you a good head start. Canada is a big country with every province having its requirement for profession. The employers include advertising and graphic design firms, multimedia production companies, and advertising and communication departments of various industries.


    There is range of options for students to do Animation and Design course from developed country like- Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany. Depending on your current qualification in your home country you may choose to do Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Diplomas, and Bachelors, Masters, and Post Graduate Diplomas, Associate degree in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Germany.