Cost of Living in Quebec for International Student

 Cost of Living in Quebec for International Student


For international students studying in Canada is a highly lucrative and rewarding investment keeping in mind the future prospects which open up with a Canadian degree in hand. But studying in an abroad destination does not come easy. With a leading country and a top quality academic institution to study in Canada brings in a lot of pressure to Indian and International students on their pocket.


Studying in Quebec after choosing a study abroad Canada program brings in added cost of living in Quebec for International students. From beginning the study abroad program to moving to Canada the cost does not stop at just the tuition fee. The citizenship and immigration Canada would require you to provide a proof that you have sufficient funds to support your stay comfortably in Canada.


Usually for an international student planning to study in Quebec the particular university that you are taking admission in provides an estimate of cost of living in Quebec. If the college or university does not provide an estimate then you would be required to show evidence of finances for a particular time period.


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This amount would include the cost of accommodation, food, transportation, clothing, books, insurance and medical. Tuitions and other fees would not be included as that usually is required to be paid upfront during the immigration process to the university.


It is vital that a student obtains a medical and hospital insurance as healthcare in Canada is very expensive. Public health insurance plans are administered independently by provinces in Canada. There are many universities which would require a compulsory insurance coverage and therefore it is necessary that you secure it in first week after arrival.


There are many factors which affect the cost of living in Quebec for each student.


Here are some of them:

  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Housing and Accommodation


  • The housing cost is one of the top factors for cost of living in Quebec or anywhere else in Canada for a student. Your university location and city make a lot of difference to the housing charges. Usually students prefer to live on the campus of the university called-Halls of Residence.
  • The cost of living on campus ranges between $4000-$8000 but as admissions to a university do not come with an unsaid provision of staying on campus so you need to have a backup plan.
  • Off campus accommodation such as home stays and rental unfurnished and furnished apartments or dorms again come with a provision to choose between with meal and without meal plans. The cost of housing in Quebec is by far cheap as compared to other provinces and ranges $800-$1300.


  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Food


  • The next on the list of costs of living in Quebec for an international student would be the priority of finding food.
  • The cost of food would usually depend on your eating habits and the cuisines which you prefer to eat. The cost of a meal at a restaurant ranges $10-$15 for an individual.
  • However, if you plan on eating a home cooked meal then you would be spending $1500-$3000 annually also considering the flux in nutrition costs.




  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Travel


  • Another cost of living in Quebec can be a result of travelling between campuses, cities for study tours, local transit and any other requirement of travelling.
  • The province of Quebec has a well defined and comfortable system of transit and public transport which is easy accessible.
  • The cost of travel would again depend on the place of your accommodation and means of commute. The average costs of commuting for a student with a commute pass ranges from $80-$110.
  • Further, you can always avail special commute discounts available for internationals students.



  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Books and Expenditures


  • Another important cost in an international student’s life is the cost of equipments, books and other study materials required during the course or program.
  • The average cost of books usually is $1000-$2000. This is a substantial cost.
  • However, you can always reduce the cost by accessing university library, eBooks, PDF and other online platforms for your academic program needs.


  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Clothing


  • As Canada is a cold country and the weather can be unpredictable at times it is always wise for an international student in Quebec to keep aside some funds for bearing the cost of layering up or for clothing.
  • On an average you would be spending between $900-$1100 on clothing.



  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Health Insurance


  • Usually you would be required and always advised by your immigration counselor to have your health insurance in place because quality Canadian health system comes at a cost.
  • Many provinces usually bear the cost of health coverage for international students however it varies for different regions and places. So it is always wise to consult your student visa counselor.


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  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Tuition Fee


  • Cost of tuition fee would depend on the course and the university.
  • Usually you would be required to pay the tuition fee for the semester prior.
  • The average tuition cost for an international student as per Canadian statistics for undergraduate course is $16000-$25000 and the cost for a graduate course is between $15000-$25000.


  1. Cost of living in Quebec for Other Expenditures


  • Other than the above mentioned costs as an international student in Quebec you should keep $1000-$2000 amount for entertainment, internet, calling and other utility bills.


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