During & after Study-Work opportunities in UK

The World’s first industrialised country which stood with foremost power in 19th and initial 20th centuries, the UK is still in the league as a nation with great power in terms of economic, culture, military, scientific and political influence globally. Today, it stands at the #number 1 position in accommodating international students for education. And most of the students around the globe want to grab the opportunity to study in UK because of its overall great reputation internationally.

The UK is on radar among International students for studies because of the opportunities of work it offers during and after studies:

Work while study Opportunity in UK:

UK allows you to work as student if you’ve landed as an International Student to study in UK. This allowance is of great advantage to the students from foreign lands because through this the students are able to afford their regular living expenses.

  • A student can work upto 20 hours per week – If the student is pursuing a full time course at a degree level or above from a recognised higher education institution.
  • A student can work upto 10 hours per week – If the student is enrolled in a full time course which is below the degree-level offered by the recognised body or a publically funded higher education institution.

Work after study Opportunity in UK:

The Post-Study-Work Permit introduction helps the student to take the advantage of international work experience. Because in this time-period student is able to search for the job-opportunity in relevance to his/her program that he/she studied and further is allowed to work.

The students after graduating is allowed to be in 2 years on the Post-study-work permit.

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