Earn while you learn study in Quebec Canada- Get allowance for learning French

Canada is one of the favourite destinations among international students for study abroad. Quebec one of the provinces in Canada is very attractive for students aspiring to study in Canada.
Why Quebec is attractive for students seeking Canada student visa

Once you get your Canada study visa to do a course in Quebec, start a fulltime diploma program in college in Quebec and enrol for French course. While on a Canada student visa in Quebec along with learning an interesting language, earn study French allowance from Quebec Govt.
Who can join a free French language and receive money while in Quebec on Canada study visa

Foreign students, as well as their spouse, are eligible for full-time French courses. Along with this they are also eligible for accompanying financial assistance. They receive a participation allowance of $185 per week, as well as transportation or commuting allowance and a child care allowance
Benefits of learning French language in Quebec for Canada student visa holders

  • Gain a Skill
  • Cost Reduction
  • Lower tuition burden
  • Earn Allowance
  • Need not rely on part time work
    Students holding a Canada study visa are allowed to join a full-time French course. An important point to take care is that you must follow all your Study in Canada visa conditions.
    Why is it compulsory to follow Canada study visa conditions?

    An immigrant holding a Canada study visa must respect the conditions related to their status. If the registration for a full-time French course does not conform to these conditions, the immigrant could lose their Canada student visa status. If you do not follow the conditions of your stay it could also lead to a refusal of the next application to stay in Québec or elsewhere in Canada. So to avail the benefits of Study French allowance in Quebec you must respect your visa conditions
    There are many colleges in Quebec which have got this arrangement for international students. So Study in Quebec comes with this added advantage of earning allowance along with learning a new language which is of great benefits for students who would like to gain work experience after completing Study in Quebec. This skill also helps students if they wish to settle in Quebec.
    There are many good colleges in Montreal where international students can study. Few of the colleges for Study in Montreal are

  • LaSalle College Montréal
  • CDI College Montreal
  • M College Montreal
  • Universal College Montreal
    These colleges situated in Montreal offer range of courses to international students. Students can choose the courses best suited to their profiles and career aspirations. Students with different academic backgrounds – Science, Commerce, Arts can find a course suitable to their study backgrounds .Along with this they can join a free French course and earn study French allowance in Montreal.
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