How to choose Study in Canada consultant

Going abroad to Study in Canada is a very important decision of your life. Your future largely depends on it so it becomes even more important that you choose best study in Canada consultant. For Canada study visa consider the following factor while choosing

Point 1 Number of years of experience counselling the students for Canada study visa

Experience of the consultant is one of the very crucial factors which the students must consider while applying for their Canada study visa. Experience is the process of getting the knowledge and skill from doing this. It’s not just experience but the number of years of experience which the students must see before deciding study in Canada consultant. Years of experience helps in gaining expertise.

Point 2 Testimonials of successful Study in Canada students

Another very important factor is the testimonials of study in Canada the consultant has.  You have yet to take and experience of your Study in Canada consultant. Your consultant may have experience but how do you know the amount of work backing his experience of Canada study visa. Testimonials are an excellent way to check this. Check for the student testimonials your consultant has to his credit. Experience of other clients can help you choose best study in Canada consultant.

Point 3 Success rate of the consultant

Another factor to choose the best study in Canada consultant is the success rate of the study in Canada consultant. The consultant may have years of experience as well as testimonials but the success rate of the consultant for Canada study visa applications is also one of the factors students must consider  . So along with testimonials see the number of successful testimonials for Canada study visa

Point 4 Qualification- Study in Canada qualified counsellor

Another point which of great help in choosing the best consultant for Canada study visa is the qualification the counsellor holds. A qualified person is officially recognised to have training to perform a particular task- in this case trained to counsel about study in Canada and send admission applications and guide about study in Canada visa process. A consultant having a qualification of Canada course graduate can do this job effectively and efficiently. So look for a – Study in Canada qualified counsellor

Point 5 College/ university representation of Study in Canada consultant

Having university and college representation is another factor which the students must consider while selecting the consultant. Look for direct representation the agent has got. Having direct ties ups with colleges and universities is one of the factors on which you may be provided good services.  If the agent does not have direct tie ups there may be chances of lack of communication which may delay the process. Canada being favourite study abroad destinations among international students the seats for intakes gets filled up very quickly and delay in communication or lack of communication may end in missing the intake the student wishes to study in. Students may have to defer the intakes

Point 6 -Office infrastructure of Study in Canada consultant

To provide efficient and effective services the consultant must have a good office infrastructure. Study in Canada involves 3 main steps

  • Selection of a relevant course showing logical study progression
  • Sending correct and complete application for the admission into a chosen course in a chosen university
  • Preparation of Canada study visa file

To provide services for these steps the consultant needs to have a qualified and an experienced team with a proper office infrastructure.

Why choose West Highlander your Study in Canada consultant?

There are many Study in Canada consultants in Chandigarh but West Highlander is the best study in Canada consultant in Chandigarh because of the following

Its key personnel is a study in Canada qualified counsellor

It has got years of experience in dealing with Canada student visa applications. It has to its credit lots of successful testimonials of students who have experienced its services