How to get Canada permanent residency

How to get Canada permanent residency?


Canada is one of the leading and most coveted immigration friendly places around the globe. You wonder why? It is because of the fast and streamlined process of immigration in this country and the many benefits the country has to offer to its immigrants. Beginning with the ongoing demand for skilled talent and the labor shortage in the country has resulted in more immigrants moving in the country. Moreover, the recent development in the immigration policies for the intake of more than 1.2 million immigrants in the next 3 years is a win-win situation for both the keen applicants and the country. There is no denying the prosperous opportunities and the high wages you can earn once you have been employed as per your skills with Canada permanent residency label backing you.


A common question among interested candidates is how to get Canada permanent residency?


Well to answer this question there are several immigration programs run by Canadian government through which as per your profile and program requirement you can apply under one and go through the procedure to get Canada permanent residency.


Programs to get Canada permanent residency


There are several programs of which the most popular and with faster processing time are:

  1. Canada Express Entry-Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Provincial Nominee Program or Canada PNP
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program


Going forward under the expert knowledge of Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh we would be discussing all three in detail along with the procedure and any other detail required.


Canada Express Entry to get Canada permanent residency


Express Entry for Canada is one of the fast processes for immigration and to get Canada PR. Under this program, there are three categories such as Canadian experience class for immigrants already in Canada, Federal Skilled workers class for which most Indians apply and require to you to have previous work experience, and another category called Federal Skilled Trades.

Under Canada, express entry system immigration for permanent residency applications are managed by selecting the best of the profiles/candidates for economic immigration to Canada. You need to create your online express entry profile so that provincial governments and employers in Canada can access profiles of the best candidates and offer invitations to apply to them in case they match the labor market requirement and can then apply for Canada PR.


Eligibility for Express Entry


  1. To be eligible for Express Entry firstly, you need to check whether your skill experience qualifies under the National occupational classification for a job that is in demand.
  2. Once you find your job as per NOC then you need to fulfill the requirements of the program that you would be applying in. For most Indians, the common program is the Federal Skilled Worker program. You would be required to meet the work experience, education, language proficiency, financial funding, and age criteria benchmarks.
  3. Once you have completed these, the best Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh would guide you to apply for express entry profile submission online which is free of cost.
  4. The perk of applying under express entry is that the processing time of an application is 6 months and it is one of the fastest immigration programs.



Applying for Express Entry


To apply for Canada Express Entry there are three steps:

Step 1

The first step towards Canada permanent residency under the express entry program is to meet the requirements of the express entry-federal skilled worker program. You need to ensure that you meet all the requirements such as age, work experience, educational qualification, language test scores, and financial funds. You would be awarded points towards meeting the requirements and the minimum requirements under FSWP are 67 points out of 100. On meeting the requirements you need to create your express entry profile online which is free of charge.

Step 2

Once you have applied and submitted your express entry profile. Your profile would be ranked among other profiles submitted in the express entry pool against a comprehensive ranking system. Only the best profiles which make the cut off get selected for Canada PR. It is wise to consult your Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh to achieve maximum points for your profile. Your profile in the express entry is valid for 12 months. So at any moment, you feel you have not gained sufficient points you can upgrade your skills and get more points.

Step  3

Once you have made the cut and your express entry profile has been selected from thousands of other profiles you would receive an invitation to apply (ITA). Now you would get 60 days to complete the medical checkup and police verification and submit all the documents to the IRCC for Canada PR.


Provincial Nominee Programs to get Canada permanent residency


In Canada there are numerous provinces and in case you wish to settle in a particular province then you could apply under the express entry linked provincial nominee program.


The major perk of applying for PNP Canada is that on receiving a nomination from a particular province you get 600 CRS points for your express entry profile which maximizes your chance of obtaining a Canada PR.


Eligibility for Canada PNP


  1. Firstly, you need to have an express entry profile in the system.
  2. Secondly, you would be required to fulfill the requirements of the province you are planning to apply in as there are numerous provinces with different and particular requirements.
  3. On meeting the required criteria you can submit an expression of interest to apply to the province.


Applying for Canada PNP


As there are numerous provinces with different PNP requirements you would have to consult your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh to know the steps of applying for Canada PNP.


The most popular PNP programs linked with express entry program offering faster processing time are:

  1. The British Columbia PNP Express Entry Stream
  2. The Saskatchewan PNP International Skilled Worker Category Express Entry System
  3. Nova Scotia PNP Demand Express Entry Stream
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador PNP Express Entry for Skilled Workers stream
  5. Ontario INP Human Capital Category: Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream
  6. Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry stream


Quebec Skilled Worker Program for Canada permanent residency


Quebec offers Canada PR program as Quebec Skilled Worker Program which is unique to the French-speaking province. The province offers easier requirements and quick processing time too.


Eligibility for QSWP


For being eligible to apply for QSWP you need to fulfill similar requirements such as express entry the only difference being area of training, academic qualification, language proficiency, age, and financial funding. The minimum score you need to achieve for your profile is 50 points while if you apply with a spouse you need 59 points.



Applying for QSWP


  1. You would have to complete the requirements for Quebec skilled worker program as suggested by your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh.
  2. Your immigration consultant would assist you in arranging in the documents.
  3. Apply for Quebec Selection Certificate and on obtaining the certificate you can apply to IRCC for Canada permanent residency.




Hence, getting Canada permanent residency in 2021 is not as tedious as it seems. However, to be successful with your application process it is wise to consult your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh. West Highlander is pioneer in immigration services and has been active for the last 15 years with the highest application success rate achieved under licensed immigration experts.