Manitoa Demand Occupation List 2021

Manitoba In-Demand Occupation List 2021

Manitoba is one such province which is known not only for hiking, biking, camping, canoeing and fishing but also for a large variety of industries which have created jobs for thousands of people. Frozen food supply, food production facilities, agriculture, tourism , oil, mining, forestry and electricity are few of the popular industries which have created prospects for candidates planning on applying for Manitoba PNP for Canada PR.

This extensive province has abundance of career opportunities along with welcoming immigration policies which welcome thousands of Indians every year.  For candidates planning on applying for Manitoba PNP should check Manitoba in demand Occupation list 2021 prior to applying with best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh and also, check the program requirements and it’s working.

 How Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) works?

  1. Manitoba has one of the strongest economies in Canada and due to large number of industries is constantly in search of talented workers to hike the economic scale and in return provide numerous job opportunities to skilled immigrants.
  2. Under the provincial government and the aid of Canadian government, to fulfill the requirement of Manitoba labor market it has designed a program –Manitoba Provincial Nomination program.
  3. Under MPNP skilled immigrants who wish to settle in Manitoba province permanently can apply and be part of the economic market, in return drive benefits of being a part of Canadian economy.
  4. You would be required to fulfill certain requirements of the MPNP program and once you qualify you could apply to the IRCC for Canada PR.
  5. There are numerous program under Manitoba PNP – Skilled worker overseas, express entry and human capital pathway for which your Canada immigration consultant can guide you based on your profile.

What are the requirements for Manitoba PNP program?

For skilled worker overseas:

  1. In case you have a distant relative or friend already residing in Manitoba they could easily nominate you for the program.
  2. Further, you do not need an IELTS requirement in case your job qualifies in Manitoba in demand occupation list level 0, A or B.
  3. Also, you do not need any job offer to qualify for the program.
  4. There is no such minimum educational or work experience requirement either.

For Express Entry:

  1. In case you apply under express entry firstly, your profile should be under express entry.
  2. Another perk additional to faster processing is that your relative or friend can nominate you.
  3. For your Manitoba in demand occupation list level O or A, you would need IELTS 6 in each module and for NOC B you need IELTS reading 5, writing 5.5, listening 5.5 and speaking 5.5.
  4. You would also need to have your educational qualification, work experience and age as per the requirement of the express entry to claim points towards your profile.

You would be required to score minimum of 60 points out of 100 for your profile in Manitoba point assessment grid.

What are the advantages of applying for Manitoba PNP?

  1. Easiest pathway for Canada PR.
  2. Your distant relative or friend can nominate you.
  3. Numerous employment opportunities.
  4. No mandatory job offer requirement.
  5. Easier program requirements.
  6. Faster processing time.

Which jobs are highly in demand as per Manitoba in demand occupation list 2021?

These jobs are expected to see the highest demand in coming years:

Managerial Occupations

  1. Retail and wholesale trade managers – 4700
  2. Managers in agriculture – 3400
  3. Restaurant and food service managers – 1100
  4. Manufacturing managers – 1100
  5. Construction managers- 800 

Business, Finance, Administration

  1. General office support workers – 2900
  2. Administrative officers – 2500
  3. Administrative assistants – 2400
  4. Accounting and related clerks- 1800
  5. Financial auditors and accountants – 1600

 IT Engineers Occupations

  1. Information systems analysts and consultants -4753
  2. Software Engineers and Designers – 3981
  3. Software Programmer & developers – 3716
  4. IT project manager – 2958
  5. Database analyst & administrator – 2540
  6. Computer technician – 1261

Health Occupations

  1. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses – 5400
  2. Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates- 5300
  3. Licensed practical nurses – 800
  4. Specialist physicians- 600
  5. General practitioners and family physicians – 600

Natural Applied Science Engineers

  1. Civil Engineers – 2269
  2. Mechanical engineers – 1907
  3. Electrical engineers – 1503
  4. Chemical engineers- 914

Educational Occupation

  1. Elementary school and kindergarten teachers – 3400
  2. Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants- 2800
  3. Social and community service workers- 2200
  4. Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations- 2100
  5. Early childhood educators and assistants- 200

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