Point system for British Columbia PNP

Point system for British Columbia PNP


British Columbia is a popular choice among young skilled workers, professionals, businessman and entrepreneurs who wish to migrate for Canada permanent residency. British Columbia PNP and express entry is the two popular choices among migrants.

Once you have decided for BC PNP you would be required to score the passing score for your profile. Economic factor, age, education, language proficiency, employment offer letter and work experience are the few factors for which you will receive points.

Here is how the point system for British Columbia PNP works:

The maximum score is 200 for BC PNP and maximum 120 points are for BC employment offer letter and wage of the BC job. For age, education and work experience you are awarded maximum of 80 points.

The breakup of points is as follow:

  • In case you get an employment offer of skill level O or A, you can get maximum of 25 points. In case your skill level of employment is B then you can easily get 10 points.
  • In case your wages for the employment are between the ranges of CAD 90,000 to 92,499 you can score 35 points. Higher the salary wages more points you can score. Maximum points for wages are 50.
  • For your district of employment area you can easily score between 2 to 10 points.
  • For work experience between 1 to 5 years and above you can easily score 3 to 15 points.
  • For education qualification of certification/diploma to master’s degree you can score between 2 to 17 points.
  • Your language scores or IELTS test score would be dependent on your program category. If your score is higher you can get a score of 14 to 30 points for language proficiency.


So, in a nutshell if you have these basic requirements you can secure a BC PNP. For skilled workers the current cut off is 105. For entry and semi skilled the scores are 81.

To ensure that you get maximum points for your profile it is always wise to get your profile assessed from a licensed immigration agent. West Highlander has been working since 2005 in providing desirable results to applicants for Canada PR. With correct profile assessment and processing under experts you can secure your future and achieve your dream of Canada PR easily.