Steps for Canada PR from India

Steps for Canada PR from India

Following are the steps for Canada PR from India under express entry

  • Calculate your points for your Canada PR application
  • Meet the minimum threshold points requirement to apply for Canada PR
  • Get your qualification assessment compulsory requirement of express entry
  • Get your IELTS score compulsory to apply to Canada PR
  • Create express entry profile
  • Fill your express entry form accurately
  • Get selected from the express entry pool
  • Receive an ITA Invitation to apply for Canada permanent residency
  • Complete all required documents and submit your visa file for Canada permanent residency


Steps for Canada PR from India explained in detail

  • How are points awarded?

Points for Canada PR are awarded under various selection factors age, education, work experience, English language, spouse skills, job offer, and any relative in Canada.

  • What is the minimum threshold point’s requirement?

You need to score 67 points out of grid of 100 points under federal skilled worker for Canada PR. These grid points are then given a CRS- Comprehensive Ranking system scores

  • How to get qualification assessment?

Canada PR aspirants need to have their qualification assessed from Canada. This is called ECA report- EDICATIONAL CREDENTIAL ASSESMENT report.

  • What is the score required to get Canada PR invitation in express entry?

For this express entry your profile is given points on many selection factors and your points are assessed against other profiles in the express entry pool. Highest ranking express entry profiles are selected from the pool and given invitation to apply for permanent residence to Canada

  • What is the process after getting ITA Invitation to apply for permanent residency visa of Canada?

After receiving ITA you need to file your visa application with the embassy for Canada PR. You must do this within 60 days else your ITA will expire.


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