Canada PR Visa fees for various departments

Canada PR Visa fees for various departments

Most of us when we think about applying for Canada PR visa wonder what would be the financial cost of Canada PR visa fee application process for various stages and programs. Here is your answer to all the Canada PR visa fee structures of various departments for economic immigration including express entry that you might be undergoing through your Canada PR process.


  1. Express entry

For submitting your express entry profile you do  not need to pay anything. So you are in luck!


  1. Canada Permanent Residency Fee for primary applicant &

Right of Permanent Residency Fee


For applying for Canada Permanent residency the application fee for the individual would be $825. The right of Permanent Residency Fee is $500.


  1. Spouse or Common in law processing fee

For your partner the processing fee for Canada PR would be same as your which is $825 and right to permanent residency fee would be $500.


  1. Dependent child fee

For dependent child the fee is $225 per child.


  1. ECA Educational Credential Assessment

Your Educational Credential Assessment for your educational qualification would depend on the organization that you are applying to. Each department has varied fee structure. The starting range for ECA is $220 for WES.


  1. Biometrics

For your biometrics the fee charged is $50 for a person.

In case you and your spouse are applying together then the fee is $170.


  1. Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program or PNP fee depends on the province which you are applying. For submitting expression of interest fee for the province which is the first step and there is no fee. Once you are selected then the Invitation to apply for the province needs to be paid.



So, to wrap it up it can be said that there are various department once has to undergo to complete the Canada PR process.

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