Checklist for Migrating to Australia


Australia is a land of promising opportunities and there are numerous benefits for applicants who wish to migrate to Australia. When you migrate to Australia you can settle and work in the country and avail many benefits. Firstly, you can apply for health benefits under the public health scheme. Secondly, there are numerous educational institutes where you could enroll your dependent child and also upgrade your own knowledge by enrolling in a leading university or college. Thirdly, you could invite your eligible relatives for permanent residency in Australia. Moreover, Australia has a diverse multicultural environment that is safe and secure therefore community life for you and your family can bring in the comfort you would be looking for after migrating to Australia.


There are numerous visa categories under which you could apply for migrating to Australia. After your registered migration agent has assisted you in the right program you would be required to ensure that all the documents are available for the program. For this, you need a checklist for migrating to Australia.

Here is a complete list of documents under the checklist for migrating to Australia guided by Australia immigration consultant in Chandigarh.




Checklist for Migrating to Australia: Skilled Independent Permanent Visa 189



For a skilled independent permanent visa which is subclass 189, you could live and work permanently in Australia anywhere you want. You would not require a sponsor of any state or relative to be eligible for this visa.

All you need is to be under 45 years and have 65 points to be eligible for this visa category.

Your occupation needs to be under the Medium and Long Term strategic skills list.



Checklist for Skilled Independent Permanent Visa




  1. English Language Test Report


Is an important requirement and you would be required to have a minimum of IELTS 6 or equivalent score in any relevant language examination.




  1. Skill Assessment Letter


Once you have selected an occupation from the CSOL list you would be required to get your own skills assessed by a recognized skill assessing authority such as VETASSES, Engineers Australia, CPAA, IML or TRA. The fee for the relevant authority has to be paid directly.



  1. Educational Degree

Your educational degrees such as mark-sheets or transcripts are to be notarized. Further notarized degree certificates are required. Your Australia immigration consultant would provide you complete assistance.


  1. Passport


A valid passport would be required too.



  1. Age Proof


Proof of age such as a passport or notarized Birth certificate is required.




  1. Work Experience


For claiming points for your work experience, you would require an employment letter and salary slips.




  1. Police Verification Report and Medical Test Report


Is an important requirement and has to be completed after receiving your Invitation to apply. As you need to apply for a visa within 60 days after receiving ITA ensure you get the police and medical reports in time.



  1. Financial tax proofs

Your Australia immigration consultant can guide you for the same.


  1. Marriage documents


A notarized marriage certificate is required in the case of applicants who are married. And wish to presently or later on invite their spouse with them.





  1. Documents for Spouse



For claiming points for your spouse you need to submit documents of your spouse:

  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Spouse Proof of functional English- if you are claiming points
  4.  Work assessment Report – required only if you are claiming spouse points.
  5. Photo – passport size
  6. Police Clearance certificate
  7. Forms


  1. Documents for Child


Documents required for the dependent child:

  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Photo – passport size
  4. Forms


  1. Forms

There are certain forms which your Australia immigration consultant would provide you assistance for.


  1. Fees in immi account


Other than this you would need to pay fees in immi account and ensure you keep receipts of payment too.






Checklist for Migrating to Australia: Skill Nominated Visa 190




Skill nominated visa subclass 190 is a state-sponsored Australia PR visa. In case you get nominated by an Australian state or territory you could live in the nominated state. Your occupation has to be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List and Short term skilled occupation list. You need to be less than 45 years of age and 65 points to be under the skill nominated visa subclass. You could sponsor eligible relatives for a permanent visa.



The checklist somewhat remains the same as skilled independent permanent visa and the checklist for migration to Australia under sub class 190 is as follow:



  1. Proof of identity documents
  2. Skill Assessment Report
  3. Results of English Language Test
  4. Documents for skilled employment
  5. Photographs of passport size
  6. Document for educational qualification
  7. Documents as proof of your qualification, skills, and English language proficiency of your partner.
  8. Documents regarding your relationship status which is your marriage certificate.
  9. Character certificate issued by police
  10. Health assessments report
  11. Reference Letters from your employers for work experience
  12. Any other documents requested by the Australian authorities such as some forms.






Checklist for Migrating to Australia: Skilled Work Regional Visa 491




Provisional visa for Skilled Work Regional 491 offers you the opportunity to reside and work in regional Australia. As this a provisional visa you do not need a state or relative sponsorship to apply. You should be under 45 years of age and score 65 points to be eligible for subclass visa 491. The duration for this visa is 5 years and you could apply for Australia PR post this in subclass regional visa 191.


Following is the checklist for migration to Australia under skilled work regional visa:


  1. Identity documents
  2. Competent English documents
  3. Partner spouse documents
  4. Skill assessment documents
  5. Australian and/or overseas skilled employment
  6. Educational qualifications
  7. Satisfying the Australian study requirement
  8. Specialist education
  9. Accredited community language
  10. Study in regional Australia
  11. Partner skills documents
  12. Professional year in Australia
  13. Medical and Police certifications



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