Steps for Skilled Independent Permanent Visa for Australia


Australia has become a favorable choice among migrants planning to assimilate in Australian society. Australia is a friendly and welcoming country for migrants who wish to settle in Australia permanently and work & stays comfortably in the country. Australia skilled independent permanent visa for Australia is an excellent opportunity for candidates wishing to migrate to Australia under skilled migration program.  Australia PR offers you the opportunity to bring your family-spouse and dependent children to the country with your dream.










  1. Under skilled independent visa for Australia you can live and work permanently in Australia.
  2. You can choose to live at any place in Australia without any hassle.
  3. As it is an independent visa there is no need for you to have a sponsor of any state or a relative to assist you in your PR application.
  4. As long as you are under 45 years of age and have 65 points you would be eligible to apply for skilled independent permanent visa for Australia.
  5. Your occupation should be listed on the occupation list to apply for this skilled independent visa subclass 189.
  6. While on this visa you could sponsor eligible relatives for permanent resident visas.





What are the benefits of Australia PR?





  1. Permanently reside in Australia.
  2. Incorporate your spouse and dependent children in your Australia PR application.
  3. Benefit from Australia’s public health care scheme.
  4. Enjoy advantage of domestic fees for education.
  5. Apply for Australian citizenship once you successfully have resided in Australia with permanent residency.
  6. Eligible relatives for permanent residency can be sponsored on meeting the requirements.
  7. Live in safe and secure environment in a multicultural society.





Step 1 Check your occupation in the consolidated skilled occupation list and get skill assessment


  1. In order to be qualified to apply for skilled independent visa subclass 189 for Australia you must nominate an occupation from the Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List.

If your occupation does not fall in this list you would have to look for alternative options.

  1. Skills assessment is the first step toward your skilled independent visa subclass 189 for Australia process.


  1. After nominating an occupation from the CSOL list you need to send your complete application to the assessing authority for your suitable skills assessment.


  1. Some of the skills assessing authorities in Australia are- Engineers Australia, CPAA, IML, TRA, VETASSES.


  1. Skill assessing authorities have their charges for the skills assessment which are to be directly paid to the relevant authority.




  1. For skilled independent visa subclass 189 for Australia you need to attain minimum of 65 points. Points are awarded as under:
  2. Age points from 15 up to 30 can be achieved for being below 45 years.
  3. English language IELTS 6 each or equivalent score in a suitable test is compulsory. You can get points from 10 to 20 depending on your level of English proficiency.
  4. Overseas Experience, in case you have minimum of 3 years is required. You could claim 5 to 15 points for the same.
  5. Experience in Australia minimum one year compulsory- points from 5 up to 20
  6. Educational qualification from 10 to 20 points
  7. Specialist education qualification 10 points
  8. For having Australian study you could claim 5 points and 5 points for professional year in Australia. Also in case you have credentials in community language then you can claim 5 points. For having studied in a regional Australia 5 points can be available to you. Partner skills in case your partner is planning to apply with you then you can get around 10 points for their profile.



Your skill assessment can take around 2 to 3 months depending on your skill assessment authority.


Step 2 Gather your documents


  1. Your Australia immigration consultant would guide you on the documents required for Australia skilled independent permanent visa and each successive step.
  2. As mentioned above to claim points you would have to show valid documents verifying the same.



Step 3  Apply for EOI- Expression of interest through SkillSelect online portal


  1. Once you have collected all the document and your points have been calculated by the assistance of your Australia immigration consultant in Chandigarh.
  2. You would be required to submit an expression of interest through online portal of Skill Select.
  3. Your express of interest would state your willingness for Australia permanent residency.
  4. Your EOI profile is valid for a period of 2 years. While the round of selection from EOI is conducted every month.




Step 4 Receive ITA- Invitation to apply


  1. Once you receive Invitation to apply you would have cleared halfway journey of your skilled independent permanent visa for Australia processing.
  2. Here onwards you would be required to complete the documentation process to validate and ensure that you receive Skilled Independent Permanent Visa for Australia.





Step 5  Upload documentation as per the ITA in immi account


  1. Once you upload the documents as per ITA requirements you would be expected to complete the verification process for medical and police clearance.




Step 6  Organize health examination and police clearance


  1. After completing the verification process you would be eligible to apply for visa within 60 days of receiving the ITA.
  2. Which means that the documentation process and verifications too need to be conducted in the same time period.





Step 7 Apply for visa within 60 days of receiving Invitation to apply


  1. After successfully submitting the visa application the processing time is from 6 months to 12 months.
  2. The visa fee for the main applicant is AUD 4045. While for dependent application you need to pay the fee separately.






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