Difference between Canada PR Visa & Work Permit


Canada has become one of the topmost choices among aspirants planning to find opportunities for growth. Be it for job opportunities, career advancement through study programs in Canada, or taking the big step of migrating to Canada through Canada PR. The benefits of a Canada PR Visa or Work Permit are many. However, one needs to understand the common difference between these two and make a decision well thought and researched.

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Canada PR visa



A permanent residency visa or Canada PR visa is a permit that helps you to work and settle in Canada along with your family permanently. As a Canada PR visa holder, you can get citizenship by meeting the requirements of citizenship by IRCC.

For Canada PR visa status a candidate needs to apply through IRCC for which there are numerous popular Canada PR visa pathways one can opt for from India:


  1. Express Entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. Quebec Migration Program (Quebec Skilled Worker Program)
  4. Family Sponsorship/Canada Spouse Visa




Work Permit



A work permit allows you to work in a country for a certain duration of time. It is an authorized pass issued by the government of the country and immigration authority. Canadian work permits are divided into 2 categories:

Employer Specific Work Permit (As under LMIA) – In case your employer finds that there is a certain job requirement for which a foreign worker is required a request is sent by the employer. Once a positive labor market impact assessment is carried you could get a work permit to work for the specific employer for a certain time period mentioned.

Open Work Permit- Is offered to candidates whose spouse is currently enrolled in a designated learning institute or temporary residents of Canada. On open work permit the candidate is eligible to work for the duration the spouse is enrolled in a course or a temporary resident in Canada.



Difference between PR Visa & Work Permit



  1. With a PR visa you can change the job without any restriction however, as a work permit holder you cannot change your job.
  2. A benefit of being a PR visa holder is that you could find another job any time while in case of a work permit holder one has to leave the country any time the company he/she works for is nonoperational.
  3. As a Canada PR visa holder, you can definitely start your own business or run a company whereas as a work permit holder you are not allowed the same.
  4. For Canada PR visa holder, their spouse can rightfully work in Canada whereas with LMIA approved work permit you would have to find sponsorship for your partner.
  5. As a Canada PR visa holder you could sponsor family members while on a work visa you could only sponsor your dependent children and spouse.
  6. Another benefit of Canada PR visa programs is that the processing time is less and about 6 months whereas with LMIA approved work permit the time varies. In the case of open work permit, the time duration of processing is around 1.5 to 2 months on completing all the requirements.
  7. As a Canada PR you could travel easily anywhere whereas with a work permit you may face renewal issues on traveling outside the country.
  8. Canada PR holders can stay in the country as long as they wish to whereas work permit duration depends on the category and industry of involvement.


Requirements for Canada PR eligibility 



  1. To be eligible for Canada PR a candidate needs to create an express entry profile online and be able to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 in the Federal Skilled Worker Category that is the eligibility requirement.
  2. You can get a maximum of 12 points for the age requirement.
  3. For educational qualification, you can get a maximum of 25 points. Make sure your educational qualifications are assessed by ECA.
  4. For language proficiency, a candidate can get a maximum of 24 points for either French or English. The minimum IELTS requirement for the Federal Skilled Worker category is 6 in each of the 4 modules that are equal to CLB 7.
  5. Work experience is another requirement. The minimum work experience required is 12 months either full-time or equivalent in part-time. The points for work experience are awarded according to years of work. Further, you need to make sure your occupation is available under NOC or National Occupation Classification in either skill level 0 or A.
  6. You get points for adaptability, arranged employment and spouse’s characteristics in case he/she is accompanying you.


Requirements for Work Permit



  1. The requirement for a work permit (as under LMIA) would strictly depend on the job profile and work. You need to be ready to provide documents as and when needed by the immigration authorities and your work should not come under the non-permissible work categories.


 Requirements for Open Work Permit


  1. For sponsoring a partner on open work permit the main applicant needs to be registered under a designated learning institute in a full time course.
  2. Secondly, the relationship documents should be verifiable and having a marriage certificate is just not enough. One should provide joint account details; assets in both partner’s name, utility bills and government-issued ID cards.
  3. Moreover, the applicant applying for open work permit should meet the requirements as under the open work permit requirement as suggested by your Canada spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh.



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