How to get Permanent Residency in Canada: Express Entry Program 2021

How to get Permanent Residency in Canada: Express Entry Program 2021



Canada express entry program 2021 is initiated in the year 2015. It is one of the trending and most popular economic immigration programs to get Permanent residency in Canada.


The express entry program is divided into three categories to facilitate skilled talents that are selected for fulfilling the requirements of labor markets in Canada.



  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class Program


These are the three programs that witness a number of candidates who apply for permanent residency in Canada. The express entry draw happens usually every month twice and therefore is a promising program to apply for permanent residency in Canada. It is a quicker program as the name states which provides you the opportunity to easily acclimatize in the Canadian surroundings.

For Indians applying to express entry program 2021 for Canada PR, there are two options which are: Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Here we would be discussing all express entry program 2021 for Canada PR:



Question: What is Express Entry 2021?


  1. Express entry 2021 is a lucrative option for applicants planning to apply for Canada permanent residency.
  2. It is an economic immigration program specially designed for immigrants who have some skills or experience in a particular occupation and are interested in Canada PR.
  3. The friendly and welcome Canadian government has designed this program to facilitate more and more people are welcomed into the country for employment opportunities.
  4. It is an entirely online process where you express your interest in applying for permanent residency in Canada using this program.
  5. You would be required to fulfill the requirements of the program you are applying in the express entry 2021 program be it Federal Skilled Worker or Federal Skilled Trades program and ensure you score the minimum passing points for your program.
  6. Once you fulfill the requirement and enter the pool your profile gets selected among the other profiles in the pool using a system called CRS or comprehensive ranking system which ranks the best profiles and selects them for Canada PR.



Question: What is the Express Entry pool? How does CRS work?


  1. Once you fulfill the requirements of the express entry program 2021 you have applied in and scored the minimum points required for the program you enter a system where there are numbers of profiles.
  2. This system is called express entry pool.
  3. From here the Canadian government would select eligible profiles which make the CRS cut off or Comprehensive ranking system cut off which is the Canadian government way of ranking the best profiles.
  4. From here the profiles would be sent an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.



Question: What is Federal Skilled Worker Program for express entry 2021?



  1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program for express entry 2021 was initially started in the year 2015 and has witness an influx of applications for Canada PR.
  2. Generally, for a Federal Skilled Worker Program you need to meet the requirements of this program and ensure that your skill work experience is in National Occupation List level O, A or B.


Skill Type O- Managerial Jobs

Skill Type A- Professional Jobs

Skill Type B- Technical and Skilled trades


  1. You need to score a minimum of 67 points to be placed in the express entry pool.


Question: What are the requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program?


  1. Minimum 1 year of skilled work experience
  2. Skill work experience should be on NOC list level O, A or B for express entry program 2021.
  3. Age should be 18 or above to apply.
  4. Language Ability or minimum IELTS score of 6 in reading, writing, listening and speaking which is CLB 7. Higher your score more points you can claim for entering express entry pool. If you know French then that is a bonus but not mandatory.
  5.  Educational qualification of minimum higher secondary or 12th is required to enter for permanent residency in Canada program. Make sure your qualifications are approved by the Educational Credential Assessment.
  6. If you have any job offer against your skill level from a Canadian employer then that is a bonus to claim more points.
  7. Your adaptability factors include having sufficient financial funds. And others such as having a relative in Canada and you can claim points for your spouse accompanying you for federal skilled worker program for Canada PR.


Additionally, you would require having sufficient financial funds. In case your spouse applies with you and you have a relative in Canada then you can claim more points towards your express entry profile to enter the express entry program 2021 pool.


Question: What is the Federal Skilled Trades Program for express entry 2021?


  1. Federal Skilled Trades program in express entry 2021 is another program that has comparatively easier requirements for Canada PR.
  2. In case your skilled trades experience is in NOC level B then you can apply for this program.
  3. Another plus point of applying in this category is that there is no such minimum education requirement.


Question: What are the requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades program?


  1. You should have at least 2 years of work experience.
  2. Also, your work experience should be in the National Occupation list level B.
  3. Language or IELTS requirement is Reading 4, Writing 5, Listening 5, and Speaking 5 which is equal to CLB 5.
  4. Age should be 18 years or above to apply for this program.
  5. You also need to have a job offer from a Canadian employer for a minimum of 1 year.
  6. There is no such educational requirement however, to claim points for express entry pool and improve your CRS you could get your qualification assessed by ECA.
  7. Adaptability factors such as family relations in Canada, spouse’s characteristics, and sufficient funds would also be required.


Question: How can I apply to the Express Entry program 2021?


  1. To apply for express entry program 2021 you need to submit an online application called EOI or expression of interest. Your Canada immigration consultant can help you successfully submit an EOI for Canada PR.


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Question: What is the processing time for the Express Entry program 2021?

  1. The processing time for the express entry program for permanent residency in Canada is 6 months after successful application submission.


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